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Hey and thanks for taking a moment to check out my profile!

Used to have an account a couple years back and was on here avidly for about a year until university hit hard. But after closing the account, I've decided to start anew and try and spark my love of writing again with my education now behind me.

My writing style:
    English Semi/ Literate
    Always romance (18+), usually fantasy too!
    1-5 paragraphs depending on what's going on (a few brief sentences bore me).

Outside of writing:
    I'm a big video gamer!
    Animal lover <3 I volunteer with my local animal rescue charity and am working towards a career in animal conservation/ wildlife rehabilitation.
    I have a dog and several rabbits, a pair who I am actually fostering!
    I also really like anime, sci-fi and horror films/series.
Feel free to send me a message if you see a character you're interested in rping with me with. I'm friendly and easy-going and up for a chat as long as you're a good person and LGBT+/ally
~Alpha Warlock

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