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Hello the beautiful people of the internet! My name is Alpha and I want to say that I'm happy that I joined RP Repository! The people here make me feel welcomed and I can be myself here without worrying about being judged. I have been roleplaying for about maybe four years. Yes I know that's a little but I still try my best to make roleplays the best one. :) <3

Information about me!
Well, I'm a human in the real world! (Even though I want to be a wolf... :() Anyway, I love music, photography, drawing, singing, anime, and some sports. The music I listen to is all over the place so if you want to have a discussion about music or what music I recommend then you can dm me! :) I have a small little dog and she is my little baby <3 I love her so much and she will always be my #1.

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I started Role Playing with Alpha on Mar. 12 but started talking on Mar. 7. A month has passed and I haven't seen dull moment. Alpha_Wolf sends messages quickly and descriptively. We are now over 2000 messages in and still going. Very fun and great to RP with. - Michael_Rainwater
Alpha_Wolf245 is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. Really and truly cares about me, and is one of the best Role Players I've ever known. I know they love me as a friend, and I do too. And I know that anyone who meets them will feel the same feeling of appreciation. - TardisCatTwo

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