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An orderly, simple and reasonable individual who's eager to meet new people.
I'm not new to being on a forum, I tend to learn my way around a sight and its people, so I'm happy to say that I am glad to be here.

I am a Role Playing veteran who dabbles in Rpes and Table Top Rpgs. I'm a Gladiator with heart of gold, and the Dragon that loves to hoard it! And to learn that this site has a character creator for new and old ideas (or just bringing avatars to life) is a refreshing quality. :)

Hope to meet and Rp with a few good natured folks soon.

-Oct 22, 2021-

Guess I didn't stick to my word on making new stuff or making new friends online. This year has been tough personally.

I kinda got drawn away from this post and this site for longer than I realized. Time flies when your busy, being a hobbist, a writer, a World Builder, an unproven DM, and a giant nerd all around.
I hate being a "Jack of all Trades, but a Master of None." I love learning stuff, I love being active and engaged. I'm just sadly distracted because I imbedded myself into so Many different hobbies, games, Pop-culture and a Subculture that simply eat up so much of my time.

Personally. I'm thinking about closing some doors. Cause I feel I need to make some space in my life.

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