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  • Gender: Non-binary

A overall peculiar being who enjoys reading and wishing to improve their writing skills while engaging with others. A nerd who adores musicals. A dork who loves the simplest things.

Commaful User: luka_the_dork


"I- Ehm-" Evan Hansen swallowed, finding it hard to speak with his anxiety wrapping its fingers around his throat. "I fell from- uhm- a tree- a tree-"

"A tree?" Jared lifted his eyebrows, seeming concerned with Evan's state-of-mind.

"Oh- Yes, But-"

Cut off by Jared's laughter, Evan was bewildered at the reaction of the highschool senior, thinking he could appear mature enough to handle this situation well.

Jared smiled, pushing his round glasses to the bridge of his nose as he spoke, laughter still ringing in his voice. "What are you?An acorn?"


"Sir, Lafayette," John Laurens, exhausted and drunk, looks upwards from his wooden chair, locking eyes with the French male. Laurens tilted his glass, raising an eyebrow, "How do you laugh in French?"

Lafayette inhales, nearly choking on his toxic beverage. "Que?"

Hercules Mulligan, who was seated on top of the table placed behind Laurens, snorted. "What kinda' question is that, John?"

Confused, the French man shrugs, a smirk creasing his lips.

The room was silent.

Dead. Silent.

The two stir, startled as Sir Lafayette throws his hands in the air, his eyes twinkling like a child's as he yelled one phrase;

"Honhonhon! Oui, oui, baguette."


Henry The Eighth smile at the camera, listening as the interviewer rambled on many, ridiculous questions.
"The six wives?" Henry perked up, straightening his posture. "Of course! I loved all of them. Jane Seymour.." He'd squint, gesturing his hand upwards as he studied the smudged writing on his palm. "Anna Boiled- Apologies! Anne Boleyn... and Catharsis Pidgeon?"

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