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<---- Yes, that is me XD

Skype is dead and I killed it. I have Discord so if you want to talk on there, just give me a head up and we can exchange details :)
Huge shout out to the following people
    Dylee D (Rynh)

Alright line up minions, applications for my llama army have begun. Please fill them in corectly then leave them at reception. Be careful not to get the receptionist mad... she spits.

My favourite colours are blue, pink and black. I love the colour pink don't ask why. I just do. It's a pretty colour XD

My favourite food is lasgne but recently I have developed an unhealthy love for nuggets... and I'm a huge animal lover. I love dog's specifically and my plan is to make a house a home then adopt the unfortunate dogs that are abandoned or hurt.

If i could wish for something it'd be to be like that guy from the movie Jumper. Imagine being able to teleport wherever you wanted :0

#TramHonesty Xion gets this xD WE DA CRAZIEST PEEPS ERE!

My music spans a wide range. I have songs that I like and if I vibe, I VIBE!

I love Us The Duo, they're sooooo good, the uuUUUuuu part sends chills *Shivers*

Rave Reviews

I just don't know where to start. DontBeTrippin amazing friend and awesome Rp partner. DontBeTrippin is caring and kind. Honestly if I could mark all boxes I would. Our Rp in my top favorites. Hopefully we can stay friends and Rp friends for a long time. DontBeTrippin actually listens and accepts your playing style and communicates with you. Your amazing! Good job my friend! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - kungpowdragon23
CAUTION: He bites. Lol jk!

Very interesting roleplayer who can keep an RP burning and is the whole package! Uses his characters perfectly and interacts with others greatly. I'd RP with him any day!

Also, very flirtatious. Like I said before.. he bites. In a good way! ☆ミ ☆彡 - PANGAEA

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