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Dorax (played by Amicitia)
Guh. I was just minding my own business lurking around RPR and stumbled upon a thread by this gem. The player seems well aware that the simplest of gestures can have many conflicting meanings, which is just PERFECT for a fae. Looking through, the character looks like he'd be great fun, too, balancing rules and absurdity excellently. Bonus points for the kind response to my random late-night PM "whining" about my frustrations concerning the meaning of bread and salt! - Zelphyr
I've been RPing with Amicitia for a while now and they're a great writer. Their characters are well thought out and they have a lot of drive to keep plot going. I've enjoyed every moment and hope I continue to be able to for some time. Thanks for being awesome. And for those who haven't had the chance to RP with this writer yet? You're missing out. - DarkonDreams

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