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I've been RPing with Amicitia for a while now and they're a great writer. Their characters are well thought out and they have a lot of drive to keep plot going. I've enjoyed every moment and hope I continue to be able to for some time. Thanks for being awesome. And for those who haven't had the chance to RP with this writer yet? You're missing out. - DarkonDreams
Islington (played by Amicitia)
While I have only rped with him a few times I'm already impressed with Islington as a character. That sort of GoTs vibe from a character with a focus on his house and the skills or beliefs of the era makes him loads of fun to build a story with if you're the kind of person interested in those aspects of ages gone past. Already i'm excited to see where our next roleplays go and what future awaits Islington and his fiancee. - Zelanze

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