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Current update 02/03/20:I am taking another break, I am sorry. I just have no inspiration to write and I am quite busy :)


Hello, everyone, I’m Faith! My previous name was Player101 until someone decided to help me out and give me the chance to change my username, which I am so grateful for. Yes, I know my username has absolutely nothing to do with my name but it does have a meaning behind it. When I was younger me and my family, mostly just my father and I, would go out and stargaze. I would lay in the grass and observe the gorgeous stars for hours on hours until eventually they would disappear and the sun would appear. While I would watch these stars I would finally feel amongst the stars (hints the name). There I would feel in complete peace and relaxation. Even now as my adult self I will just go outside and stargaze, calming myself down. I bet my neighbors think I’m completely insane but little do they know that that is one of the only things that keeps me sane. XD


Anyways, I’m still fairly new to this website (Since October of 2018) and everything. It is a bit different than "Shamchat" but I already love it here! I have already found some great RPs! All of them are so great and detailed from both sides. If you would like to RP with me, just message me privately and give me your idea. I’m pretty cool with everything, I’ll just go with the flow but... If I do not find interest in it please do not be hurt if I don’t respond... I prefer a fantasy (medieval) adventure with romance (but romance is always optional). I would like maybe a paragraph or two while we RP, but don’t worry you don’t have to write 20 paragraphs (unless you want to :3 ). On most days I’ll be active, but mostly on weekends. I’m on from 5 pm (Most days) till 11 pm to 12 am (Central). Hopefully, we can RP soon!

On the topic of role play... I am comfortable with sexual elements, violence, and cursing. One thing that I am not okay with is OP or god-modeling. You have to give each character a proper opportunity to say something to an action. Not just do it for them. I'm alright with little things like; "she gestured for him to sit down. After they had sat down...". I'm fine with the small things but what I'm not alright is when you basically play my character for me or make your character almost a god. Yes, it's alright if your character is actually a god but don't make it so they don't get hurt because everyone gets hurt eventually. Whether that be mentally or physically.

Now for the type of roleplay. For the fantasy section, I like more of an older setting. Medieval, swords, daggers, old towns, kingdoms. Basically like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Huntsman, Throne of Glass (The book series by Sarah J. Maas), A Court of Thorns and Roses (Sarah J. Maas), anything of that sort. Considering most of my characters are either a hybrid or an elf, they need the correct setting. For the romance part, I really like the forbidden romance type. It's not supposed to happen but love overpowered them both. Also, unexpected romance is always a good one. A human and an elf? A human and a part-dragon? An elf and a part-dragon? All of those aren't usually supposed to be together but love brings them together. If you get the picture. I am completely comfortable with sexual scenes and will throw them into my role-plays from time to time, just because that is how my characters behave. Now, for the adventure bit. It's pretty self-explanatory on what adventure is. You just roam around, find some cool things and camp out. Basically exploring with one another.

For the paragraphs; I would like a decent amount of detail but if there are a few typos here and there that's completely fine. Don't tell yourself "she isn't going to respond now because of that one typo". I'm not like that because everyone makes mistakes, including myself. As for the times. Sometimes I will respond really quickly to the point where it's sad that my schedule is that open. Other times not so much. I'll take hours to respond because I'm super busy with either family or work. So I apologize in advance if I don't respond right away. Mondays are really busy, along with Tuesday, Wednesday and Sundays.


That's all I've got to say! I hope you have a good day or good night and I hope we can roleplay soon! :D

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Feel like it's been long enough to share my gratitude! A real diamond in the rough. Currently enjoying one of my longest RP sessions and it's been consistent throughout despite where the story or plot wound up. Very flexible and charming at the same time. If she's ever open for RP, give her a shot~ - Syzygy
AmongstTheStars is one of the most amazing roleplayers I have met on here, Not only is she very kind but her posts just blow me away to the point where every time I see the notification I hope it's her. If you ever have the chance to roleplay with her take it, Its a great privilege. - Lady-Angiris

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