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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 31


November 17, 2018
So my guy is not comfortable with me doing PM RPs with het men. He knows I don't cheat, but the thought of me writing private, intimate scenes with another man just wigs him out. And I guess if he wrote romantic scenes with a girl online, I won't feel thrilled either. (Who knew?) Ugh, we sound like such silly dinosaurs, but we can't help how we feel. So going forward, I guess I'll only be doing forum RPs or PMs with people who aren't het dudes. Lol, that sounds crazy when I put it that way, like can I even ask for someone's sexual orientation at the outset? ^^; Dangit, this RP thing is even more complicated than I thought.

Hey all! I'm Anais, pronounced A-na-ee(s). But you can pronounce it any way you want.

I write dark fantasy and erotica, with indifferent success at either. It's hard to get all those multi-dimensional eldritch horrors to fall in love with each other in a way that would appeal to regular folks just looking for a fun, romantic read. I'm still working on it. ;) In the meantime, I write ordinary erotica and just dream.

I've always wanted to try roleplaying and collaborative writing, but I've never made a serious effort to find partners until now. So I signed up here in the hopes it would get my creative juices flowing. I'm looking for someone patient and over 21 (best if you're around my age or older). Right now, I can only write once or twice a week, so I'll try to make my responses at least a few paragraphs long. I'll understand if you have other commitments too. I'm looking for something relaxed and chill, but long term.

Here's a more detailed list of my preferences!

RP Preferences:

♦ 21+ OOC. In fact, it would be better if you're in your mid-twenties and above. I just don't feel comfortable RPing possible smut with people much younger than me, even if the character is older. (I'm 30.)

♦️ 18+ IC.

♦ I know you already know this, but what happens IC stays IC. I'm all for throwing our characters and various NPCs into twisted, complicated romances, but I'm not looking for romance myself. (I'm taken. LDR for 5 years.)

♦️ When IC, I write in third person, simple past tense, and that's what I'd prefer in my partner. First person and/or present tense is okay, but not my favorite. Oh, and I write like how I talk. I generally want to keep that simple, conversational tone because that's the expected standard for the genre I write in. Here are some samples: [insert obligatory warning for strong language here]
((Overly-Dramatic Fantasy))
((Super Cheesy Contemporary))

♦ I can reply once a week or so. If you prefer something faster-paced, it just won't work out with my schedule.

♦ Paragraphs please, preferably short ones with line breaks in between. Unless dialogue is involved, I guess? You know what, I still don't know how dialogue would work out, especially if both of us can only reply once a week. Maybe we can talk it out OOC?

♦ Talk to me! I think it would be nice if we figure out how well our personalities would work together before we start. I'd like to be friends, not just RP partners.

♦️ People have different communication styles. I like to be very gentle myself. I sandwich any criticism between compliments, and I try to see things from the other person's perspective first. I generally value building a healthy relationship more than winning an argument. If we have very different styles, that's cool, but we just might not work out as writing partners.

♦️ That said, I am always clear on what I want. All the sugar glazing aside, I do say what I mean and mean what I say. I won't lie and say I'm "thrilled" if I'm just "meh". I'll tell you something like: "Maybe we can work together on that idea so we can both get excited about it! What do you think about ___?" Please be honest with me as well. Tell me what you want out of the RP. Tell me what excites you!

♦️ I love doodling characters and making moodboards and stuff! It would be great if you're cool with me drawing your character. I'm not super-artistic though, so it's all just for fun. :p

♦ I tend to spawn details upon details, and I like making them all connect to each other. I'm hoping to find someone who enjoys that kind of thing too.

♦ I enjoy organization. If we're going to make a new setting together, I'd love to make a Wiki with someone since I imagine there's going to be a big slew of details, NPCs, plot points, etc. by the time we start.

♦ I think I'm coming to realize the main difference between solo writing and collab writing. (I'm just going to slide this in here so you can see where my head is when it comes to roleplay.)
  • When I write solo, I write for a theoretical audience, a great big sea of anonymous "I"s who will read and consume my work individually in their own separate times. It's pretty much a one-way act. And what I'm creating is more or less a finished "thing" that can be packaged and sent out to the world. I can just forget about it once I'm done. The reader can do whatever they want with it, but there's little direct feedback between them and my world unless they reach out to me. (And now I feel like I have to add that I'm not a successful author at all, just one of those struggling, self-pubbed, little fish trying to get into the KDP revolution in Amazon. But I have been writing for a long time.)
  • On the other hand, 1x1 collaborative writing is more like creating an intimate world with just one other person. There is an "I" and there is a "you", and there's that emergent, oscillating gravity between the two that can be a character all its own. The goal is not to create a finished thing for other people to see, it's more like a courtship dance where the goal is to have fun with and impress each other. If other people want to read our roleplay, they might find themselves baffled. But you and I know what's going on, because we have this electric synchronicity between us. I mean, we made this world together after all. And it sounds really weird and embarrassing when I put it that way? But that's kind of what I want to find. Like someone I can flow with. I don't mean this in a romantic way, more of a meeting of the minds kind of thing.
♦ And finally, I'm just a beginner when it comes to RP, so I have a lot of unconscious writing habits that I might need to modify for collaborative writing. It would be amazing if you're really patient and can answer my dumb questions once in a while, since I'm sure they're going to come up. If you feel like I'm accidentally god-modding, meta-gaming, etc. please don't hesitate to bring it up.


Inspirations and Influences
I love fairytales and myths. I read voraciously, doesn't matter whether it's fiction or non-fiction, literary or lowbrow (though I lean towards the latter). Gorgeous, intelligent prose is my weakness, as is dark, tortured romance. I can't write it myself without being slightly ironic, so I admire others who can pull it off.

My formative writers were Tanith Lee, Ursula K. le Guin, Storm Constantine, Anne Rice, Lois McMaster Bujold, C.S Lewis, Michael Moorcock, and Mark Helprin. Plus whoever the writers of Baldur's Gate were. And the CLAMP mangakas. Actually, there are a whole lot more, since I inhale books by the dozen, but this is just getting to be way too long.

Random Facts and Old Updates
November 2, 2018
I got some awesome forum loot for Halloween, thanks to FreeJayFly!

And I made Eli go out and annoy people. He's not really fit to be out in company, but he was my only character and I'm a sucker for prizes. FJF was like the best sport ever while Eli blundered all over her thread, lol.

Random facts about me:

♦ I like deep, dark, funny things. My favorite characters are the ones who are highly intelligent, scarred, and complex, but don't really take themselves all that seriously.

♦ I am very, very introverted. I enjoy getting to know people and picking their awesome brains, but I often need to just shut down and look at pictures of kittens and ducklings. Sometimes, for days.

♦ I'm a very recent convert to gifs. (Like just a month ago.) I used to hate them. For years. They made me dizzy, it took ages for them to load, and I found them jarring. Then I discovered the sexiness of cinemagraphs and now I can't stop using them!

♦ I tick off all the stereotypical nerd characteristics. Socially awkward, check. Big, thick glasses, check. Way too many allergies, check. Untamed, bristling mass of hair shaped roughly like a Christmas tree, check. Plus, I have adult braces. Hoo boy.

♦ Speaking of hair, I have hair up to my butt. It's bushy, black, and annoying. I like to keep it in a braid, tied into a bun, and tucked inside a hairnet, so it stays out of my way. I have zero intention of cutting it, though. The sleek, white bob on my avatar is a wig that I do own and wear sometimes. (My dream is to have long, silky, snow-white hair, but I guess that's just something I'll have to give my characters.)

♦ When I grow interested in something, I get lost in it for a while. I become obsessed. I've tried to fight it before, but now I generally just let it run its course, like a cold.

♦ I overthink. A lot. Sometimes, a simple question about the chicken we're having for dinner might lead to me imagining how unicellular creatures evolved into multicellular ones. I mean, how did they? What was that exact moment like? Was it like, Woah dude, I was supposed to eat and digest you, but I guess you survived and you're a part of me, so let's work together now?

♦ I take a long, long time when it comes to correspondence. I am in awe of people who can type long paragraph replies in minutes! It takes me hours to do that. I need to set aside at least half a day to actually reply to all my emails and messages, because I always check and double-check what I'm saying.

♦ I looove podcasts and audiobooks so much! They have literally changed my life. I now look forward to doing the dishes and folding the laundry because it's an excuse to listen. My current obsession is NPR's Hidden Brain, but my all-time favorite is still Brandon Sanderson's Writing Excuses.

♦ I'm still growing, and I intend to keep growing in different, little ways until the day I die. I make lots of mistakes and I apologize in advance if anything I do or say hurts anyone! I really don't mean to.

Confession Time!

Very few people know about this, and I'm actually weirdly proud about keeping it a secret, since I always have this irresistible urge to confess things. (Comes out of being raised both Born Again Christian and traditional Catholic, go figure.) I have never stolen anything else in my life. Not even a pen from work. But I feel at peace with this one.

In high school, I was part of our school paper, but I was that mousy, quiet girl that no one really noticed. In contrast, our features editor--let's call her "Courtney"--was bubbly and sociable, just the perfect kind of popular girl that could get anyone to agree to an interview. She was nice and talented in many, many ways, but what she couldn't do was actually, you know, write.

So we have this inter-school competition where high school seniors competed on the division level, then regional, all the way up to national. Like a sports tournament, but for budding journalists. When I was in 6th grade, I won third place in feature writing on the national level, and all I wanted before going off to college, was to get there again and win first.

The school bussed out the entire staff of our paper to the first leg of the competition. When results came in, I was the only person who'd won anything. It was just another measly third place in feature writing, but the best the other kids won was fifth. Courtney wasn't even mentioned in the lists. So we qualified to compete on the next level, but only in features, the section I wrote for.

I waited and waited for my teacher to pull me out of class, and/or tell me when the next round of the competition would start.

A week passed. Two. Eventually, I asked her about it.

She looked confused. "Well, Courtney already went last week, but she didn't qualify for the next round."

My brain melted. I wanted to ask why she sent Courtney instead of me. Since I was the one who actually qualified? But I was numb. I couldn't say the words out loud, but she must have read it on my face. "Well," she said defensively, "Courtney is our features editor. I didn't think you'd want to go." Her exact words.

I slunk away like a beaten dog. She was my favorite teacher until that point, and I couldn't even look at her after that.

Anyway, my school got a dinky participation trophy for going through the first round of the competition. I stayed after the end of class, broke into the trophy case, and stuffed it into my backpack. I still have it to this day, like twelve years later. Still no regrets.

I know now that I should have been more proactive, more honest, and more open, but that was high school, man. XD I was a tortured teen who could barely speak. I couldn't even say the words "I should have gone instead of Courtney" because I thought it sounded too arrogant and entitled.

I can handle conflict much better now, but I like to remember this anecdote as one of my first lessons about the 'real world'. Plus, that trophy fills up such a sweet spot between the top of my cabinet and the ceiling!

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  • Incredibly talented in terms of researching and building upon the most eccentric of details that most don't even consider when developing a character. I implore you to approach this lovely woman!
    -- Hadeslicious
  • Anais is someone I call friend. We can talk to 'hours' it seems, and for me, that's usually not easy for me to do, but Anais makes it fun. Our conversations have ranged from innocent to delving into the human psyche. What I'm trying to say is that Anais is a gem, a...
    -- Demilicious

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