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Hey guys! I finally decided to put a bio on my profile, something I rarely do!

I'm a horror author, as well as an avid reader and horror fanatic.

I enjoy many activities including baking, playing video games, watching movies, hanging out with my friends, and playing Cards Against Humanity.

In roleplays, I enjoy horror themes, sci-fi, and modern-day fantasy. I really like romance, too! My guilty pleasures are Enemies to Lovers and Body Horror featuring mutation and unnatural movements.

I don't enjoy power gaming and god-modding. It just makes the other person feel like they have almost no control over what goes on in the story. I might do this accidentally, so please tell me if I am.

My DMs are open, and I'm willing to do an RP anytime!

Send me a friend request if you feel so inclined, but please tell me when you do and why, because my friends list on most online platforms is strangers, and I want to avoid that.

Also here's an exorcism prayer. You never know who might need it.

In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit Amen.
Most glorious Prince of the Celestial army,
Archangel St. Michael,
defend us in the battle
against the powers of darkness
and their spiritual maliciousness,
Come to our aid, who were created by God
and redeemed with the blood of Jesus Christ,
His Son, and deliver us from
the tyranny of the devil.
You are venerated by the Church as its Patron
and Guardian and to you,
the Lord has entrusted the souls who one day
will occupy the heavenly mansions.
Pray, therefore, the God of Peace,
to keep the devil crushed under our feet,
so he won't be able
to enslave men unto himself
and neither cause any harm to the Church.
Unite our prayers to Thine own
and present them to Almighty God, so
that His divine mercies may descend upon us.
Chain Satan and thrust him
into the bottomless pit,
whence he won't be able
to seduce souls anymore.

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I've gotten the wonderful opportunity to rp with them, and it's been amazing! Anakisuto is an amazing roleplayer! they always drive the plot forwards and make sure to give warnings for body horror (notably Cyphrus)! they are an amazing writer! Wonderful writer Concise posts - GU7TMUNCH3RZ
Whenever there is an active thread or an open conversation seeking a response, Anakisuto is always there keeping the ball rolling. Though our interactions have been limited, it has always been a pleasant experience nevertheless. I look forward to continuing to see them about the forums we both tend to haunt! Kind and understanding Helpful - Atheist

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