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I'm Cat King! I like coffee, video games, and blabbing about art history like, a lot. I like talking OOCly as much as roleplaying, so don't stress about dropping me a line. (If we RP, you can add me on Discord.)
I've been rping for ~10 years now and I'm always open to making new characters and coming up with fresh plotlines.
- - -

I'm usually down for modern or fantasy-type stories, but I don't mind branching out. I like writing romances between all kinds of pairings (though most of the time I play masculine-leaning characters).

- drawing our OCs
- brainstorming & plotting
- modern fantasy
- romances (between all orientations)
- bromances
- rivalries that are secretly bromances

- yaoi stereotypes (I love M/M pairings, but not strictly seme/uke dynamics. Don't make it weird.)
- first-person writing
- under 18's (I'm over 20 and my back hurts.)
- - -

I para or post-match. Don't really care how much you type, as long as we're having fun and the RP is interesting. That said, I can knock out a few paragraphs if you set me up for it.

I'm pretty chill, and I don't mind if it takes a while to respond to a post. Likewise, if you're not having fun, or you have an idea for something to mix things up, let me know!

I try to respond at least once a week, but I'll often post more than that if I'm not busy. I have a weird job without a defined schedule.

I love you and your characters. Seriously! I wouldn't be here, otherwise.


Rave Reviews

Alright, Kudos round 2. Cat King here is definitely one of the best RP partners I've ever had. We've been RP'ing since November 2020, and every post I'm still impressed at how creative they are. We've even made up another RP just for the heck of it. They're a brilliant writer and are a patient and supportive friend. Love ya! <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - _Apollo_
AncientCatKing is a fantastic artist with a ridiculously fast turnaround and high quality traditional medium artwork! I am incredibly impressed by their work methods and recommend them to anyone who wants great affordable art. :) - Sanne

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