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I'm a dorky cat owner living in the southern United States. I like coffee, video games, and talking about art history like, a lot.

I'm usually down for modern/fantasy-type stories, but I don't mind branching out, so feel free to shoot me a PM!

My favorite things:
- drawing our OCs
- queer OCs
- brainstorming & plotting
- modern fantasy
- romances (between all orientations)
- bromances
- rivalries that are secretly bromances

I para or post-match. Don't really care how much you type, as long as we're having fun and the RP is interesting.
I'm pretty chill, and I don't mind if it takes a while to respond to a post. I try to get back to you A.S.A.P. Please don't get mad if I'm a bit flighty.

I draw for fun and profit.
Here is my commission info.

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AncientCatKing is a fantastic artist with a ridiculously fast turnaround and high quality traditional medium artwork! I am incredibly impressed by their work methods and recommend them to anyone who wants great affordable art. :) - Sanne
AncientCatKing is a splendid person in general! They have a wonderful rp style, including lovely characters and perfect post length. They also are super amazing to chat with. They're understanding and willing to work with you to create a fun story! Don't miss a chance to talk with this person and set up an rp! <3 - Keo

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