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I prefer to remain mostly anonymous on my profile and leave the getting to know for my partners, however I think it may be important to give some information for people looking to know who I am before they engage with me.

I'm in my early 30's. I have no children. I'm not married. I work full time, but often have quite a lot of downtime at my job. Writing is a hobby of mine but I have no interest in it ever being more than that. I've recently begun trying my hand at digital art so I will most likely draw our characters, scenes, and environments for practice. I aced a psychopath test last week. I also make jokes often and I think I'm funny.

People have described me as very friendly. Don't be afraid to reach out if you'd like to roleplay with one of my characters or have a setting you'd like to explore with one. My characters personalities are very deeply developed though, so I won't have a fun time trying to mold them to fit into a framework they're not suited for. I have no interest in roleplaying with anyone below the age of 18 but I am happy to provide DM type encounters, prompts, or be a descriptive generator in RP's that have minors.

I do roleplay adult themes and situations, but only if both partners are okay with it.
Emmyth & Kuuvin
Emmyth sat back in his chase lounge, his eyes scanning the pages of his book as he listened to Kuuvin's ramblings about his unrequited love for Zuliz-Row. Though he tried to ignore the other man's drama, a faint hint of disapproval tugged at the top of his lip. Was this truly how Kuuvin expressed his love? With grandiose gestures and childish boasts?

He closed his book with a soft thud, holding his place with a careful finger as he watched Kuuvin pace around the parlor. The words that spilled from the other man's mouth seemed hollow and self-centered, lacking the depth and care that true love demanded. Emmyth's annoyance was palpable as he spoke, his tone conveying a biting sarcasm, "What madness is this? Do you truly believe that Zuliz-Row belongs to you, owes you something? Your prideful childishness is hardly impressive."

The thought of Kuuvin confronting Zuliz-Row with his bravado made Emmyth shake his head in disbelief. The very idea was preposterous, and he had no doubt that it would end with a swift slap to the face. With a deep breath, Emmyth opened his book once more, his eyes settling back onto the pages. "Honestly, Kuuvin,-" He murmured under his breath, "- sometimes you act like a petulant child."
POST SAMPLE of Emmyth. Kuuvin is my partners character, who had fallen under a sirens spell that was driving him mad. He went to Emmyth to vent.

The Battle of Ivya
Adonai's eyes slowly opened as he lay prostrate on the ground, his once impenetrable armor reduced to a shamble of dents and cracks. Each inhale was a struggle, as if the weight of the world was bearing down on him, crushing his resolve along with his body. The clamor of the battle swirled around him. The sounds of steel against steel and the cries of the wounded tearing at his ears like claws. The memories of his beloved Anna were whisked away as the sound of war surrounded him once more.

The odds were stacked against him and his compatriots. The enemy horde was closing in and it appeared all hope was lost. But a flicker of light shone deep within Adonai, a spark of courage that refused to be extinguished. He balled his fists, gritting his teeth, his lips moving silently in a prayer to the gods for the strength to endure.

With a ferocious roar that shook the ground beneath him, Adonai began to rise. Each inch of elevation was a battle of its own, every muscle straining against the gravity of his wounds. But the warrior refused to give in to the pain, drawing from a well of inner strength he didn't know he possessed.

His hand trembled as he reached out to reclaim his sword, his fingers closing around the hilt like a death grip. His eyes blazed with determination, a fierce light that pushed back the darkness of defeat. He refused to surrender, refused to allow his enemies the satisfaction of an easy victory.

As Adonai rose to his full height, he stood like a colossus; a monument to the unyielding spirit of the Fharian race. He had faced his inner demons and emerged victorious.
WRITING SAMPLE of a scene from the final battle against an evil foe. The character is Adonai, first son of King Orrian and heir of the Fharun race.

What I'm looking for...
Post Length
I prefer brief replies of 1-2 paragraphs, but less is fine as long as it gives me something to work with. Longer replies are also acceptable as long as they're not constant novels. My responses are usually 3-5 paragraphs on average. Post length isn't a big issue for me, but it has been in the past.

My experience has taught me that if post length requirements are too relaxed, people will write low-quality responses. If the requirement is too high, people are less likely to engage and respond quickly. I prioritize partners who respond promptly.
I only write in English as I'm not fluent in any other language. However, I'm open to using foreign, alien, fantasy, or made-up languages in the RP, but please provide a translation. While I don't metagame, understanding what your character is saying is important to me. Even if my character doesn't understand, I need to comprehend to respond appropriately.
Good spelling and a basic understanding of vocabulary are necessary for my RP partners. While I don't expect perfect grammar or punctuation, incorrectly used words or incoherent responses can cause me to push out a post that may seem odd. I prefer partners who are generally competent in writing, but it's not necessary for them to be the best writer the internet has ever seen. My main requirement is that I can understand your writing. If I find it difficult to make heads or tails about what you've posted, I will politely leave the RP.
Posting Area
I prefer completely private RPs unless it's a group setting. I use Discord and am happy to set up a server for us. While I don't mind RPing on the website, my job can have horrible internet connection, making it difficult to load websites for 8-14 hours some days. Discord can load text with even a small amount of connection, which is why I prefer it. During long periods without internet, Discord and Wordscapes are my only sources of entertainment.
I'm looking for long-term RP partners to collaborate on world-building and create multiple characters to play with, rather than jumping between different characters and worlds with different people. However, I'm open to doing a short one-off story if you're unsure about our compatibility and want to test the waters before committing to a longer partnership.
I enjoy a combination of fantasy and modern genres in RP's, and I'm open to sci-fi and romance plots, although romance often develops naturally in most RP's. However, if you're looking for a strictly romance-based RP, I may be picky about it since it takes time for me to develop a character. I typically use pre-existing characters, so it may be challenging for me to push them into a role that they weren't designed for.


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Dis is an absolute delight to be around. Dis' characters have sooo much personality, drive the plot forward with such great care, and always has such amazing detail. Not to mention Dis is always great to talk to OOCly. Both for some plot driving and funny moments when it comes to developing plans for Rp! I'm genuinely very honored to have met such an amazing person. So, if you have even the smallest of chances to get to know such a great person, I say jump on in! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Kitsune_Of_Ninetails
Absolutely incredible writer. Suspenseful, exciting, enjoyable, and oh-so-fun to chat with outside of the story. Truly an amazing person to write with. They even have me trying out a new type of character to write with and I've never had more fun trying something new. I'm in complete awe, I wish I had space to say more. Keep it up, man <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - _Apollo_

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