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Angie/Alora ▪ Married ▪ Female ▪ 30 Years Old ▪ ISFP

I hoard cute characters and love to generate story.
Feel free to give me a poke!

Rave Reviews

This girl is so precious in her creations. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for well over a decade at this point in our lives, and I have seen various characters come and go. The developments they've done, the tragedy they've faced. The depth of her creativeness, loyalty, and beautiful story is only parallel by the soul and heart beating in her chest. Truly truly a great roleplaying partner, an inspirational sounding board and a model of friendship. j'te adore - liquidchaos
I've known Anjie going on three years. She is an exceptional role player, story teller, artist, and person. She's got an inreadible gift when it comes to befriending others and she'll always manage to bring a smile to your face with her sharp wit or sweet words. You are doing yourself a disservice by not role playing with her. - Wordsmith

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