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I'm into just about everything. I am not new to roleplay I have been roleplaying for the last fifteen years easily. Of course, things have matured as I did. I like any genre, any pairings, and I have no problem making and playing multiple characters. I don't bite so just go ahead and let me know if you wanna roleplay.

Currently: Looking for more Roleplays! Gimme them RPs

I will respond pretty much every day but as time goes on I have found that I cannot play on the site twenty-four seven. If you're ok with that we'll have no issues.

I will not roleplay with anyone under eighteen. Because I am over eighteen I would rather be safe than sorry.

I am an adult and I can handle whatever you throw at me.

I roleplay in the third person and would like you to do the same but I am alright if you would prefer to RP in first just know that I expect the same quality as I would expect from anyone.


Rave Reviews

I am having so much fun writing with Animewithin. Even when I feel like my character falls short, she manages to keep the RP interesting and super fun. I hope to have more RPs with her in the future. - asherb92
Whether you're familiar with the game these boys are based off of or not (I was not when I started rping with them) these characters are vibrant individuals with fun and quirky personalities. Their back stories are tragic but their smiles are genuine and they're all sexy as heck, so where's the bad? I can't wait to see what the future holds for the Reese men. It's sure to be full of danger, excitement, laughter, tears, triumph and loss. As all the best stories are. Wonderful writer Long posts - Dndmama

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