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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Gender Fluid
  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: May 26

Hello, you may call me Ash. Any pronouns are fine by me. Bear with me while I set up please.

About me:

- Old and tired.

-I have autism.

-I draw, you can find my art here. Most art posted to RPR will have been drawn by me or stuff I've commissioned from other artists.

-I like birds, a whole lot, I own a cockatiel.

-I play video games quite often, favorites being Final Fantasy, LoZ, Fire Emblem, ACNL, PKMN, SSBU.

-Socializing is not a strong suit of mine, I get bored easily with small talk. I'm sorry if I come across as blunt or rude, it is never my intention. I may grow bored with roleplays easily as well, unless I really like my writing partner. I can be picky about partners. I'm an anxious moldy yam most of the time.

-Please be patient with me when roleplaying, I'm a busy person between work and commissions, I become easily tired.

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