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Hello! I'm Apprenticedmage, but you can just call me Apprenticed if you'd like. I'm honored you'd swing by to take a look at my characters for a potential roleplay.

As you can probably see from looking through my characters, they really fall into one of two kinds of tabletop RPG: Dungeons and Dragons, and White Wolf's "World of Darkness". This means that a lot of my RP's are the same, but don't have to be specifically in these universes. I can gladly do just fantasy or supernatural fiction, and some of my characters would also work in slice of life.

In terms of reply length, I would prefer AT LEAST a paragraph. Trust me, I can understand having to write a shorter reply sometimes, but please don't only reply with one sentence.
I am only open to RP's from people age 18 and over. If you aren't of this age range, please don't message me for any kind of roleplay. This is due to mature elements normally found in my RP's, and a great deal of my characters are more than a little difficult to play in a PG setting. [/collapse]

Rave Reviews

What I find very notable about Apprenticed is just how much work & research he puts into his role as Mage Storyteller & how much I admire his patience in getting others acquainted with the lore. He is so creative & incorporates new ideas with ease. Also he is a complete & utter evil genius when it comes nefarious plans. Hard to go wrong there in my humble opinion. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - RoseyProsey
In the long time I have RPed with him, He had been so much fun! He contributes so much to the story and plot and always finds new ways to freshen the plot and keep me wanting more, His characters never act the same way so it actually feels like two different people. I have enjoyed the time we have RPed together so much, Never pass him up for an rp~! - Chris_Pike

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