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  • Gender: Male

Hello Everyone. :)

My name is Apprenticedmage, but I've been known to answer to Apprenticed as well.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my profile. There isn't really much about me you need to know. I love to write, RP, play D&D, and make characters.

What Genre of RP's do you prefer?

I'm not really against any particular genre of RP, although I normally do fantasy and supernatural fiction. However I love Science fiction (though I'm not the BEST at it) and I do enjoy the occasional horror, slice of life, or historical fiction.

A lot of your characters have D&D stat sheets. Do we HAVE to play D&D?

Of course not. I just really enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, and sometimes making them a character sheet for fifth edition helps me to gain a better understanding of them in terms of their physical strengths and capabilities.

Reply length requirements?

I would prefer AT LEAST a paragraph. I can understand having to write a shorter reply sometimes, but please don't only reply with one sentence. That can make things a little difficult to continue. But I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't hold myself to the same standard, so you can expect my replies to never get any shorter than a paragraph.

RP Age Restriction?

Yes. I am only open to RP's from people age 18 and over. If you aren't of this age range, please don't message me for any kind of roleplay. This is due to mature elements normally found in my RP's, and a great deal of my characters are more than a little difficult to play in a PG setting.

Rave Reviews

  • When I first got Apprenticed on the site, he wasn't very good at roleplaying. But the longer he stayed on the site, the better he got at putting himself into his characters shoes. No two characters of his are alike. He is an awesome roleplayer and has progressed very far with his writing.
    -- InsaneShadow
  • In the long time I have RPed with him, He had been so much fun! He contributes so much to the story and plot and always finds new ways to freshen the plot and keep me wanting more, His characters never act the same way so it actually feels like two different people....
    -- Chris_Pike

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