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Hello everyone!

About me:

- Call me April!
- My favorite colour is lilac!
- I have two cats although I’m allergic to them. (Not seriously allergic)
- I’m British… care for a cup of tea?
- Love rain and storms!
- Love making new friends, message me if you want to be friends!
- Just recently got back into roleplaying!
- I try and write books but often loose interest because of no ideas (but when roleplaying I never do because we can always come up with more!)
- Born sometime in Autumn, so naturally it’s my favorite season.
- Christmas is the best holiday and you can’t change my mind!


- I’m mostly open to fantasy/adventure, modern day and romantic roleplays.
- I live in the UK so keep in mind my time zone.
- I try and answer as quickly as possible, if I don’t Im probably busy.
- Writing length: I like to write about one or two decent paragraphs when roleplaying. But I will sometimes stick to one / two shortish paragraphs if I don’t have much to write and don’t want to make your character do anything without you saying they are doing that (if you understand what I mean!)
- I write in 3rd person but 1st person is possible too if needed!
- If any of my words are written in the British spelling that is because I am British.
- I use double brackets when saying/asking something out the roleplay ((like this)).
- If you are going to delete you character or account; let me know! I know it happens sometimes but I’d rather know in advance instead of seeing you’re gone suddenly. :)
- I prefer when people PM me rather than reply to discuss details on any forum post.
- Any time we start a roleplay with a plot based on romance we have to discuss limits etc (no negotiation). Non-con or anything against the rules is never happening, don’t try and argue.
- Please be patient with my answers, I can be a little slow writing up my answers when roleplaying if I’m including a lot of detail.


Genre details:


- Been recently obsessed with doing a romance roleplay.
- Preferably MxF but FxNB is an option too.
- Can happen in any roleplay setting, but usually modern day.
- If the roleplay is based on romance then it obviously is a huge part in the roleplay (do not cast it aside).
- If romance is not the biggest thing in the roleplay and just is underlying or part of it but there’s a bigger plot then still include it but don’t make the roleplay about the romance.
- Slow-burn romances are my favorite, try not to rush it too much if you can (we can always discuss this privately.)
- I like when the romance is a bit confused and it’s a little bit of a triangle if you know what I mean.
- Don’t have any major limits but non-con stuff is completely off the table no discussions. (We will talk about limits and other privately if starting a romantic roleplay.)


- I will often use either Robyn or Estella (more so Estella) in fantasy roleplays.
- We can discuss what kind of fantasy we are talking about privately.
- I’m not sure if it falls into the category of fantasy or its own but I do enjoy roleplaying supernatural scenarios too!
- Prefer when we find a way to link the two characters in the roleplay.
- Always read the character sheet of the character I’m using for any details as I will try and use any details while writing.
- Romance can be an underlying part of this roleplay too.
- When I say adventure I think of travelling through forests and encountering problems you would face in the wild.
- I’d love to do a survival adventure roleplay with someone using Robyn at some point so PM me if interested.
- Robyn will be mainly used for any only adventure roleplays (with minimal fantasy aspects).


- I don’t think there is much to go about this one.
- Modern day roleplay is literally just roleplaying characters in modern day.
- I think I mainly mix this into any romance roleplays I do, since it is easier for me personally.
- If there are any details you want to talk about concerning a modern day roleplay just PM me!



- If roleplaying with me please put in effort and don’t stick to one lines all the time.
- Something has to be happening in the roleplay, just casual roleplay will eventually get boring with me (sorry!).
- I will try and change my status to say when I’m asleep or busy but I may not and if I don’t answer then just assume I’m unavailable for the next couple hours!
- Leaning way towards 1x1 roleplays, maybe groups of 3, it’s highly unlikely I’d do a roleplay with 3-4+ people.
- Still decently new to this website so I trying out different things all the time.
- Always looking for new roleplays with anyone so please never hesitate to PM me if you want to start a roleplay with me!
- Politeness is key when talking to me or anyone :)

Have a good day/night! :D

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