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No Longer Accepting Roleplays Or Friend Requests If We Do Not Talk!

Disclaimer; I do not own any of the art used for my characters nor do I try to claim them as my own. All credits go to their respectable artist. If you happen to know the artist, please tell me their name so I can credit them - Thank you

⊱ Aqua ||| she/her ||| Mom/Gamer ⊰
Short About Me
I am a 21+ writer who's a sucker for romance and modern roleplays. I write in 3rd person only. I write multi-para and will not do one liners or 1st person. I like to write erotica so FtB is unlikely. I mostly do OCs/Original plots but I am not opposed to some fandom[anime/game] roleplays (just ask me and I will let you know if I am interested in doing it).
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Some Amazing Peeps
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Full-time Moderator and Part-time Recruiter and Mediator for A Modern World... !Come Join us!

Rave Reviews

I haven't Role-Played with AquaCharm yet, but she is such a joy to talk to OOC. A great sense of humor goes a long way and she has it in spades. She has a great cast of characters that I enjoyed reading too. Give Aqua a chance, you won't regret it. ^_^ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - -Knight-
This is months overdue, so it's about time I express my appreciation for this imaginative, amiable, and patient young woman. Coming from a guy who's been roleplaying for 20 years, it's rare to find someone you vibe with so creatively and effortlessly in today's RP communities, and I'm especially grateful we crossed paths because of that. Aqua is a fantastic writer with equally fantastic characters, and she's an absolute delight to work with. I look forward to our current and future endeavors. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Maverick

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