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About this forest dweller:
I don’t use artwork from other people for my characters. For the most part, they’re avatar makers, with some things being edited by myself.
( see: artbreeder site )

If an avatar maker image was edited, it’s because there’s pre written rules permitting it.

Some of my characters do have their own commissioned artwork, however it won’t be posted publicly as to prevent theft.

My username’s a bit of a joke.


Greetings. I’m a RolePlayer who’s been sitting in the shadows because of a lack of RolePlay partners, looking to get back into it; cure my chronic boredom, please and thank you.

I’d like to use discord; here’s fine too. We might agree on another method of communication, and it’s all good ( aside from amino, email, Skype ) .


Wolves are my favorite animal.


I am pretty laid back. If there is not anything illegal ( Y’know what I mean ), I don’t care what you want to RolePlay. We of course may discuss what we’re not comfortable with, and any potential triggers.

For clarification, criminals and what say you are fine but absolutely no
"Triggering material that falls under one of these categories"
  • rape, paedophilia, zoophilia.

Things I’ll not ask of you
  • To give me any personal information. Anything beyond what’s relevant to RolePlays ( comforts, triggers ) shouldn’t be described.

    Furthermore, on triggers, I’m not one to advise publicly posting them or giving them to strangers, unless you feel you can trust them.

    When it comes to RolePlaying, you do not have to specify if it’s a genuine trigger or only something you’re discomforted with doing in character—just ask me not to do X and I shall oblige.

    This goes both ways.

  • To change your character for any reason. It’s your personal character, not mine.

My Rules
  • I won’t agree to RolePlay with minors. Nope.

  • I won’t RolePlay with underage characters. This includes aged up ones.

    ( if it’s in terms of family, NPCs, and what say you, that’s fine! So long as there’s no romancing of the character, NPC ).

  • Kinks like Age play and Non con. Ew.

  • Fetishes.

  • As Anthro characters ( if the plot demands 18 and older activity ).
    ( I see no appeal in animal characters. A dog standing on two legs, and exhibiting more humanized physical characteristics, doesn’t waver my opinion ).

  • Feral characters ( if the plot demands 18 and older activity. For obvious reasons ).

    What I consider feral: Any animal character regardless of humanized expression, refer to the example of a famous talking dog known as Scooby Doo.
  • Pretty much anything that could be a fictional portrayal of or mistaken for beastiality, or vaguely resemble it, is a no go.

    I’m not sure of what the general view of Anthros are, as I steer form Internet dramas, but I dislike it regardless.

    To reiterate: if it looks like an animal, I’m not interested, and don’t see the appeal. This isn’t a "I am more moral than thou" argument, it should be taken note of.

    I can’t get behind ( nor desire to ) finding any animalized character attractive.

  • Animal or animalized characters for non romantic Fantasy RolePlays is fine ( big fantasy fan ); however, I strictly desire humans and humanoids, should the goal be 18+ romance.

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