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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: September 23

I am a roleplayer who has traveled far and wide to find a good roleplay site, jumping from place to place. I will roleplay anything except horror and the more modern and bland roleplays. If I don't respond to invitations right away, I'm either busy or doing something important, but don't hesitate to ask me to rp with you.

I have a cat named Smaug, I enjoy Destiny, fantasy, the Elder Scrolls, Warframe, Anthem, Minecraft, and any sci-fi/post-apocalyptic genres. (Fallout is an example of the latter.)

I'm less active on weekends, and am usually busy during the week, but I will get to you ASAP. If I could give this site a rating, it would be 6/5. (Just saying because it’s true.)

Also, just in case, my timezone is the Central time.

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Rave Reviews

  • THIS GUY IS AWSOME y'all most Roleplay with him as soon as possible. He is awsome and funny and comes up with grata Roleplay themes
    -- Starwarsfan
  • Seeking an RP with powerful characters and a friendly writer behind them, look no further. He is friendly and approachable all the while his characters like Netharan keep you on your toes bringing suspense to any fantasy stories. I have RPed a few times with this...
    -- Tusitala2017

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