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Here are a few things you may want to know when it comes to picking me for a roleplay partner!
  • I really like it when me and my rp partners get together beforehand and talk a bit about what might happen in the roleplay, if there's a specific au in mind, or if someone wants one or both characters to be ooc (usually for different aus, aka, modern or pirate).
  • I roleplay in third person and tend to air on
    A response with around a paragraph of information, having decent grammar and spelling. (Taken from Cecil’s explanation on Amino)
    to one-liner replies when roleplaying.
  • Most of my ocs are anthropomorphic or species I have made up. I do have a few humans that may make an appearance.
  • I have an entire universe with worlds, places, and cultures created. Having said that...
    Kendal Note
    If my oc Kendal is being used, I would like for the whole "mutt" issue/culture to still be in play. It has shaped his whole identity and how he interacts with the world. More info about mixed species under the "Rules n Whatnot" page in his profile!)
  • Don't! I repeat! Don't be afraid to be mean to or hurt my characters. I like the whole range: romantic, platonic, good friends, mean, nasty, and even enemies.
  • If I am not feeling roleplay I will let you know with a soft message and not just leave you waiting for a reply. Please feel free to do the same for me!

General misc about me:
I love plants! I have thirteen in my home right now!
I love eating dark chocolate and sharp cheddar cheese.
Art? Watercolor? Markers? Creating ocs? Yes please!
I love playing Pixel Petz and Among Us in my spare time.
Hopes and Dreams? Well I hope I get a job with good insurance-

Whether or not we roleplay, I hope you go on to have a great day! <3

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