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Howdy and welcome to the profile!
Here's a few differently paced songs provided in case you would like music but dislike the first one



Ah well, here I go again-

What you can call me by: Arjastro // Ari // AJ (apple juice babyyy)
Though you can make up names if ya want. I once had four people collectively calling me "Mama Breezy" haha!
Pronouns: Whatever you think fits. I like seeing what people choose🤭
Most Active: 10pm - 12am EST Most days
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ11am - 2pm EST Sat & Sun
Roleplays: Open
Art Trades: Go ahead and ask
Friend Requests:
I might accept a friend request if we have A: been rping a while or B: We mesh pretty well in ooc conversation. If you and I talk about fickle things for just a few replies, I will probably be declining your friend request. This does not mean that I do not like you! I'm just particular when it comes to this, even in real life
Am I a furry:
I do not consider myself one despite being half of the definition of it, AKA "an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics". In fact, it honestly grinds me the wrong way to be called one. I have absolutely no problem with people who embrace the term! ^^ It's just due to a used-to-be friend that I really rather not be labeled one.
The Main Intro

Being 22 in today's society I'm doing about what you'd expect: trying to figure this all the heckk out. I try to get on RPR at least once day; but due to life, I sometimes disappear for several days to a week and a half.‎ ‎// I have ten years of roleplaying under my belt with a year gap between 2020 -2021. Weird right? You woulda thought roleplaying would have picked up in that time period. (My long term rp partner quit rp. It was a sad time😭) // Anywho! Jumping onto the next thing: Even though I am an introvert, say it with me!💤That just means I have to recharge after social interaction💤 So I love participating in activities and talking to people; but when it's recharge time, I wish to cocoon away and rather not be interrupted unless it is important. (This is irl. Talk to me any time online because if I am not in the mood, I just won't answer right away😋)

Here are a few things you may want to know when it comes to picking me for a roleplay partner!

📝 I roleplay in third person and tend to air on semi-lit. My reply range can be anywhere from 2 to 5 paragraphs. Usually it is about 2 - 3 paragraphs.
📝 When it comes to grammar and punctuation, I try my best. I would appreciate it if you did as well! ^^ I don't mind some errors; just please, no text speak. (That is, within the roleplay. In whispers I am fine with text speak🙃)
📝 If I am not feeling roleplay I will let you know with a soft message and not just leave you waiting for a reply. Please feel free to do the same for me!
📝 I am whisper friendly! Just to make that clear ^^
📝 I prefer when my roleplay partners and I get together beforehand and talk a bit about what might happen in the roleplay and what we are and aren't okay with. This also helps with figuring out if we might mesh well in roleplaying!
📝 Don't! I repeat! Don't be afraid to be mean to or hurt my characters. I like the whole range: romantic, platonic, good friends, mean, nasty, and even enemies.
📝 I have an entire universe with worlds, places, and cultures created that we can choose to do the roleplay in if we want; but the main reason I bring this up is...
Kendal Note
If my oc Kendal is being used, I would like for the whole "mutt" issue/culture to still be in play regardless of if the roleplay is in my universe or not. It has shaped his whole identity and how he interacts with the world. More info about mixed species under the "of Monsters with" page in his profile!)

General misc about me

🪅I love plants! I have ten in my home right now!
🪅I also love eating dark chocolate and sharp cheddar cheese. It's so worth a try if you like both!
🪅Art? Watercolor? Markers? Creating ocs? Yes please! If only I updated my oc's pictures... 😶
🪅Hopes and Dreams? Well I hope I get a through my major in college...
(healthcare workers have even more of my respect since I started my own journey!)

Whether or not we roleplay, I hope you go on to have a great day! <3
(Ps have you drank water today?💙)

Rave Reviews

One of my most recent RP partners, Arjastro writes amazingly well rounded characters with a lot of depth, endearing and intriguing! A talented writer, storyteller and artist, our roleplay together has brought many happy hours of brainstorming and I look foward to what other adventures await our characters! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - cri86titanium

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