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Greetings one and all. I go by Ark, which also is the name of my main RP character, Arkavious. That said, As you can see by my list, I do NOT use human characters of any kind. I am a Strict anthro player, and I am only looking for Para rp (one to two paragraphs minimum per post) and I am not looking for M/M romance rps for personal reasons, which I am more then happy to answer any questions.

What I am looking for Rp wise at the moment is :
1: Romance
3: Scifi
4: Slice of life.

I do not seek out Heavy drama or combat, while I do get that some people like/want them in rp, I personally rp to escape the conflicts in my life as well as the Drama so please, do not try and force it onto me. You can ask about it before the rp starts, and i am willing to talk things over before hand.

My base requirements for rp are:
1:Para posts (One or two paragraphs per post.)
2: Romance Rp's are Long term for me ONLY. There are no instant love connections either.
3: Full racial acceptance. I do not shun any race for rp, I ask you show me the same.
4: I am open to talk about anything for RP's, so feel free to message me at any time.

I locked my profile so you can not just send me a friend request if you are under 18 for personal reasons. I will also not accept random friend requests any longer, so please message me first and talk to me/ rp with me before you send me a friend request.

Rave Reviews

ARKAVIOUS THE HERO, ARKAVIOUS THE WARRIOR! These are but titles that this man can go by, but in truth, he is nether of these things. He is just one heck of a talented writer who creates good and meaningful characters. I highly recommend rping with him :) - XXXKILLZONEUS
I only met Arkavious today, and already he has gained my total respect, he considers the preferences of others over his own and is in general a very nice person. - SomeFazbear

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