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  • Gender: Male

Hello one and all! this is a heads up. I am switching to a new phone, and seeing I used my old one as a wifi hotspot to get online, I might loose access to my computer for a while until I can figure out how to get one on the new phone (if what I am going to try before I activate it won't work). Please forgive the inconvenience!
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Currently reworking this. I am also in the middle of a redo of what characters I have on the RPR, so my list is kind of empty at the present time.

Sorry to do this, but DO NOT message me randomly with a Post. If you want to RP then ASK do not just pm me with a post. I will ignore and block you. This includes Random friend request, I will not accept them from people I don't know/have not rped with.

Hello! Welcome to my profile page and please excuse the mess! For starters, I go by Ark, I do not mind random messages either! I am very friendly and I do not bite(Unless you want me too ^^) and I am over 21, and while I do not mind rping with people that are not, please keep the site rules in mind when you send me a message to ask.

Now about me! I live in Arizona, in the US. I love to read books. One of my favorite series to read is the Redwall novels by Brian Jacques (May he rest in peace) and I do watch anime. The anime I watch is varied like SAO (Sword Art Online), FLCL, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, and most anything Gundam. I adore animals, gaming, and the sound of rain falling.

A minor note before you go on, ALL my characters are related in some way by blood, though they will not always admit it openly due to trust issues lol.

I also am willing to rp over Discord! So do not hesitate to ask if you prefer to rp there over the RpR.

I always will have two messages when I rp with someone, ONE is to be used for ALL the OOC to keep the second message strictly IC as well as neat and clean. If this is a problem, I am sorry but I don't like all the OOC chatter, which I tend to have alot of because I like to talk with my rp partners to keep the ideas going. After all there is no harm in friendly conversation as well as brainstorming. This keeps the IC chat from being cluttered by (( )) messages.

My Custom races
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I have made or had a hand in making some custom races, and this is just a list, you are welcome to ask any questions vis a PM.
  • Celestrian Kitsune: The oldest custom race I use and this is the what the majority of what my characters are.
  • Silver Eldar: I did not really make this one, but I was asked to play a divine for this race and I have been given permission by the races creator to revive the race and make it my own. They are a race of elves with silvery white hair and silver eyes and typically fair skin. Some rare cases they might be born with tan skin.
  • Mirithan: A race of Dwarven themed Anthro's. They do use a Caste system, but they don't drink as much.
  • Megami Dragon: A custom made race of dragonic beings that come either has Hybrid's (humans that have traits/tails and stuff) and full on Anthros. I play the only true Divine for the race.
  • Shikon: A race of anthro's that use magic to manipulate crystal to make homes and other various items needed. They are not as well built for the current time.
Roleplay Information
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Ramble warning

First off I am sorry if you dislike my choice of characters, but please do not ask me to change them to fit your liking because I would never do the same to you.
  • I post a min of one to two paragraphs, and I do ask that you are able to post at least one Para per post.
  • I am semi active at the present time, but I plan on being more active as my life clears up. I am a caretaker for my grandmother, and she comes first. I do post once to twice a day if I can, and I will let you know ahead of time normally if I can not post for extended periods of time unless I loose my internet.
  • I do not use human characters and I do not break my characters lore for other people, but I do not expect you to do the same for me. I use Anthropomorphic* characters and I do not ask that you use them as well in an RP with me, but I do ask you do NOT ask me to make them hybrids or human for your liking. I wouldn't ask you to change your character for me, so please do not ask me to do it (yes I know I have repeated this, but sometimes I have to )
  • I do not ask you post every day, but I will not be able to keep an rp going if you only can post once every month or longer, I tend to lose interest or I forget what I wanted to do and I can't keep the rp going. I do make some exceptions, but it is very rare.
  • Please do not use Net/text/leet speak in posts, I will drop an rp instantly. I will also send a message to explain why, but I will no longer be giving people more then once chance. This also goes for emoji in posts. OOC is OOC, and the before is only for posts.
  • I keep OOC messages and IC separate, so I will never agree to starting an RP where OOC is, so please do not get mad with me.
  • I am not a grammar Nazi, so please do not be one with me. Mistakes happen and I understand, and I am highly understanding of people from other countries that want to rp with me, so please have no fear of me being upset because of typos or phrases being put wrong. If you don't understand my post ask me what I mean in the OOC, and I will do the same for everyone I rp with.
  • As I said above, I am over 21, and if you HAVE to know my age, I am 30. I do follow the site rules.
  • I do NOT Fade to black or skip, so do not ask me to do romance/adult rps if you do. Sorry but I find no enjoyment in cutting out parts of the rp
  • I am flexible with settings and time eras, but almost all of my characters are gifted with some kind of magic/power/talent of some kind, but I do have a way of keeping my characters in check. Arkavious, my main and my accounts namesake, is a DIVINE character of his people, which is a custom race I use do please do not bash him or me because you disagree with the use of divines as characters.
  • I do not look for heavy Drama, so please do not ask for it or heavy combat, I will decline and delete the message. I am sorry but I am tired of these things being forced on me in rp.
  • This is a warning, the culture that my characters follow has been the same since I started rping at the age of Nine, and the Celestrian Kitsune race I made alongside seven others is dear to me and I cherish the work we put into this. The culture might seem odd to you, but please keep this in mind.... I am not my characters, and just because their culture is their culture, IT does NOT mean I feel the same way about real life.
  • I welcome any questions you might have about my characters or myself, so please feel free to ask away.

Rave Reviews

  • What can I say about Ark. He's quite funny and talkative dude, sometimes I can see his nerdy side, is it bad? absolutely not! I adore that quirk of his besides he's world builder that I'm eager to see his works.
    -- RimCaster
  • Ark is super cool, he's a talented role-player and loves to chat it up about plots and characters. And when he feels like joining group chats, he can be really entertaining and make you giggle. Definitely should friend this guy!
    -- iolhantheX

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