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January 26, 2020 - Trying to get back into RPing again. I'm really not using the Furcadia client anymore.

Amazing People

I am in Eastern Standard Time (EST -5:00) .

Honesty, a trait that is severely lacking these days.

About Me:
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I've been roleplaying for 15 years now and have seen the best and the worse out of RP and out of people in general. All of my characters are usually never like what people expect them to be, and as such they are viewed sometimes as controversial. The majority of my characters have a hidden irony in them that very few people often get, or are so closed minded that they completely miss it. Regardless as to any feelings, much thought has been put in each one of them and people always tell me that they are memorable. I will never apologize for the wild imagination that I have been given. Being able to move between playing scores of different characters and mindsets has allowed me to appreciate authors and playwrights.

Be advised that I have a lot going on in my life and have professional help to get me through rough patches. As a result, I try to keep my affairs as private as possible. There are days where I will not want to talk to anyone and I will tell you if you contact me. Do not take my reclusive nature as a sign that I dislike you. It takes a lot to get me to open up to people these days. I do ask that you respect my decision and don't push your IRL on me until we know each other better - doing otherwise will make me uncomfortable and likely stop talking and/or roleplaying with you. This isn't to say that I won't talk to you OOCly, but don't be surprised if I do not take any interest in whatever is going in your IRL, Again, it isn't personal.

I don't claim to be the nicest person on the block (and I assure there are people I just can't stand and won't associate myself with) but I am honest. Sometimes no issues can be cleared up immediately with being blunt about it. If you find me intimidating, you clearly haven't spoken to me before, know nothing about me, or are just basing feelings on hearsay. I am well known for my dry sense of humor and consider myself good friend to those that have gotten to know me.

Not looking for OOC romance or OOC drama. Seriously just don't start with me, I have way too much going on to be dealing with child-like behavior. There are only two people I would ever allow my characters to be "mated" with so don't RP with me expecting our characters to get together. I'm telling you right now it will never happen and I do not wish to ever be put in that situation. Don't lie to me. Respect goes a long way. Have an open mind, and be honest with yourself and me.
- Remember these points and we will be just fine.

Take me as I am or leave me far behind.

Regarding Roleplay:
My RP Style:
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I will not RP with anyone under the age of 18. This goes for characters under 18, and players that are under 18 IRL. This is due to my comfort level more than anything else. If I approach you for any reason and you are underage, let me know ASAP.

I prefer to have a small group of people that I like to frequently play with. Please do not be offended if I do not ask you for RP often. I like to keep my circle of core roleplay partners small to engage in in-depth stories. Please speak to me in private if you are interested in long term RP with me otherwise I will assume roleplay is just whenever we have free time. I feel that this needs to be done to have an understanding as to what we both expect in our roleplays and reinforce frequency when we are online.

I have a preference for PM RPs, 3rd Person Only. I barely log onto the Furcadia client anymore and have moved my RPs to RPR and Discord. I don't really excel well at forum RP, and chat RP in Skype is rare. I only give out that information for those I have known, or been RPing with for a while.

My RP length is usually matched with what you give me, I prefer 5+ lines if not more to get some substance and hold my interest. You don't have to be the best writer in the world, but I would to see effort made for punctuation and sentence structure.

I don't really mind if a scene is one shot or you would like to do a long term RP with me. As long as we are both entertained and leave on good terms that's all that matters to me.

[Plain English Words] > [Thesaurus Words], please and thank you.

I roleplay male characters only, Always have, always will.

Smut is not the basis for any RP I do, and is not the primary focus. If it happens great! If not, I'm not going to cry about it. I can fade to black at any time. I have a preference MxM relationships when it comes to smut, but MxF is possible if the character is engaging. Do not expect my characters to be mated/married to yours under any circumstance. That role is reserved for only two people. Repeated flings and one night stands are fine.

I can promise to at least respond once or twice a day if I am not busy. Keep in mind, I have IRL obligations, so if you are expecting 10+ posts a day you might want to consider someone else more your speed. I prefer quality, not quantity.

Players that I avoid:
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Because of several instances of people flaking out on me, I will not even bother Rping with anonymous users with very basic profiles for their characters (IE 1-2 pages of stats and a "reference" picture). These types of accounts have a habit of just up and leaving the RP or flat out deleting the character without notice or care. Unless you are someone that has a pretty well thought together and engaging presentation, do not expect me to be enthusiastic if you fall into this category.

Other Expectations:
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If you know that you are going to be offline for a while, or need to take a hiatus please drop me a note. I will happily return the favor.

If you aren't enjoying the RP, have the decency to bring it to my attention. If you ditch me for whatever reason with no explanation or warning, I won't be inclined RP with you ever again.

I do not appreciate people making assumptions about me, much less my characters. If you are going to do that, you might as well save yourself from being blocked by not speaking to me at all. I have an extremely low tolerance when it comes to this and is the quickest way to get me to block you.

I prefer directness in my partners. "Yes", "No", "Stop", "Continue", are much preferred over fluffly sugarcoating what you need to say to me.

If something is bugging you about anything that I am doing, let me know immediately so I can correct the behavior if it is possible. I will not alter my characters' behavior however.

If you would like to RP or have any questions about any of my characters listed, please feel free to give me a PM here.

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A wonderful roleplayer! We have not been playing long, but every rp has been a wonderful time. Plot just seems to come naturally and oocly an incredibly friendly person! - Paich
Have I forgotten to tell you how fabulous you are?! My, we must do something about this! I adore you my friend, absolutely and totally 'in like' with you. ;D You're one of the most giving people I've met on Furcadia to this day, and all are fools if they do not cherish your awesomeness. But seriously, you are fantastic and I demand you allow me to stalk you forever. :) <3 (That doesn't make me sound creepy at all...) - Isnelx

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