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I like to play FxM (I prefer to play the female), MxM or FxF with a soft spot for romance, fantasy and high school RPs but am happy to play other genres such as horror and adventure, too. I'm very open to ideas during RPs and am more than happy with NPCs being introduced and story plots being thrown out there as I tend to just go with it. I also like to create characters as I go so that they fit perfectly with the plot of the RP so please don't be alarmed if my character's don't fit in perfectly well with your RP idea, I'm happy to create one from scratch.

I only ask that you please oblige by a few things when RPing with me...

1. Please don't ghost me, let me know politely if you would like to withdraw from the RP

2. Please don't God Mod my characters =) I'd get pretty upset if you just decided to kill me off randomly

3. I will not discriminate against your age but I ask that if you are underage, let's please keep things PG in RPs (including extreme violence/ dark themes/ sexual themes etc)

If you like the look of any of my characters or would like to RP, feel free to flick me a message!

Always looking for new RP partners!


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Fang (played by AshleighKate)
Sure I might have not known him or Ashleigh for very long, But I’m sure about one thing, Fang is quick to respond and has very creative ideas(putting an emphasis on creative). Like a competition were you’re tied to people you don’t know for a week? Sign me up! They are so creative and honestly, probably could write up to a 100 paragraphs, in the timespan of 10 minutes. But that’s just from me 😆 Creative ideas Fast responses - clxudy_tears

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