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Say hi! I like it. But don't take it personally if I don't reply to a message. I've got a lot going on and choose not to stress over my inbox. I may be more conscious of my boundaries than others.

Rp Status: Feel free to ask! I'm open to offers from all!

Rp Rules and Preferences
  • Para, real time RP is my jam, but I may be open to slow posts if we really click. Currently I only Rp on discord. I might forget to reply anywhere else.
  • I only play with adults (18+). I don't expect age to matter, but I'm gettin' old and that age gap is gettin' bigger.
  • Don't make puppy eyes, stomp your feet or require explanations if I don't play with you. Rp is something I do for fun. It isn't something I owe. I am wiped out with this behavior.

Friend Requests: I might deny a friend request if I don't recognize the sender. It's nothing personal. My list was getting chaotic!

spicycat5_by_greekceltic-dbced0y.pngHowdy! You can call me Ashley, but you may know me better as GreekCeltic.

I like modern fantasy Rp, and enjoy fantasy sometimes too.
You may find it hard to catch me for a second game, but generally I really enjoy meeting new players and sneak-peeking their characters! I'm kinda like Haley's Comet though, you'll see me once and then not again for seventy five years.
I know, that's not a very good sell, but it is what it is, and once in a while I meet someone I really click with and we end up doing more.

I run a couple of discord servers with the help of friends. Here they are:

(Real time roleplay server. Trying to recreate the tavern chats of yesteryear.)

(All genres. Rp chats on the server. Recently had a soft reset. The community is much improved from last year.)

(Previously a Wreck It Ralph fan server. We still welcome fans.)

Flip Horizontal:
(Artists and art appreciators helping each other get good at art.)

Icon and profile art by Louis Wain.

Rave Reviews

Wonderful, out-going, and incredibly inclusive of everyone! It's thanks to her reaching out that has introduced me to several other wonderful people and gotten back into RPing after a very long dry spell. The work that she does to bring people together is impressive and has to take the patience of a saint. AND her characters are A+ awesome quality and a delight to play with. Thank you for being you! - EvionFox
I have never interacted with this character, but I loved reading her profile! It was entertaining and made me chuckle, and I'm glad this wacky, kick-butt shifter has blessed this humble site. - Mejasoulfruit

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    Ashley is a super cool writer. I honestly can't pick which one of her characters is my favorite. I absolutely love learning about all of them, from her badass shapeshifters to her flirty yarn snakes, there's a wealth of stories here, and I'm always excited to turn the next page. Creative ideas Wonderful writer
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