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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Non-binary
  • Age: 18

Fiction Kin

Just because I am 18, doesn't mean I am willing to do 18+ RPs. Those make me uncomfortable.

I do not RP combat, Fetishes or R18. Do not ask me for them. No doubles, please. Not to be rude.

I prefer to be called with gender neutral pronouns as in "They/Them/It". Please respect me please.

Despite the name and the character, I am rather friendly. Wanna RP? Message me. like PM and Forum Rps. I am a bit picky when it comes to certain RPs. I don't like romance, fights or ageing up my characters.

I RP canons. I will RP with OCs. I am friendly to OC Rpers. However, please read this helpful thread. It is not mine, but it debunks the common myths that surround canon Rpers.

I am Fiction Kin and I ID with Gunvolt, Asroc and Jota. Do not hate, judge or mock me for it. It's a way for me to help with coping.


RP Times:

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Sunday - All Day
Monday - Nights
Tuesday - NA
Wednesday - Nights
Thrusday - Nights
Friday - All Day
Saturday Nights

I RP mostly canon characters, most of them being obscure or just mechaloid. The Mecha and Sci Fi Genre are my favourite things to RP.

    OC Friendly
    Quality > Quantity.

My small RP Rules

All Images are used with permission from the artists.

Rave Reviews

  • Asroc is kind and friendly, I may not have roleplayed with him long enough but I can see myself role playing with him in future, anyway keep going and never change who you're Asroc. MERRY CHRISTMAS! <3
    -- RimCaster
  • I've not known Asroc long, but they're super friendly and very kind. Very cool to talk with and just have fun. We just recently started a role-play and I'm very excited to see where it goes!
    Asroc is awesome!
    -- iolhantheX

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