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Captain of the S.S. Bean Explorer (Tumblr) || Secretly a goblin || Biseuxal || Not accepting friend requests if we haven't talk OOC


Did little ol' me spark your interest? *chuckles* Well hey there, I am Astrobeans but everyone calls me Astro. I've been roleplaying for 2ish years and still trying to improve.

A little about me:

Behind the username? I like space and beans especially baked beans.

↓ Business ↓
I am under 18 so I will generally keep it PG-13 when roleplaying or OOC. I have no problem with swearing and at most, my characters will said damn, use a suitable replacement word or just straight up censored. A few guidelines to know....

- Let me know if you don't want to roleplay anymore or something came up irl. I care about your well-being than the roleplay itself. If you haven't reply in an week, I will check on you using PMs for your safety and not the roleplay.

- Regarding my characters, please don't be mean or rude to me if you find any of my characters to be annoying, a jerk, or not to your liking.

- No Godmoding or Metagaming, Period. Don't do it. Just don't because where is the fun in that? In general, I am quite lenient towards characters who have telepathy, mind reading, or something related but do ask me OOC.

- Fighting. Ah, the smell of battle. To make this enjoyable for us and our characters, don't take control of my characters' actions before I reply. That's my decision what happens to them but describing the mark your character's attack made is totally cool with me. If I am willing to not dodge every attack, please return the favor and not dodge every attack even if it is a weak attack. Also I consider any sparring light fighting and practice so I will ask if you want to stop before things get too heavy.

- Controlling or killing my character... Permission required with the exception of moving my character to further the plot. That will require giving me a little heads-up about it though.

↓ Genres ↓
I am pretty fine with a lot of genres. Some I don't do are apocalyptic, smut, and excessive amounts of violence.

↓ Writing Style ↓
I write in 3rd person, switching between past and present tense. I mostly try to write as I can so mostly two sentences or paragraph(s).

"The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb."

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Rave Reviews

Ever since I met Astro, she's been a light in the darkness on the forums. She has a pleasant personality that makes one want to hang around her and be her friend. She's not afraid to go along with a joke if one is fired her way and she'll even respond with one of her own. She also has a great list of characters with beautiful and well done bio's for each of them. Look Astro up, you won't regret it. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - -Knight-
astro is an awesome roleplayer! with creative characters and stories in their arsenal. if ya wanna rp with someone, they're someone to check out! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - exploreroftheabyss

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