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Howdy! I am Astro, an huge fun fact bluff (as well as history). Overall, I have been roleplaying since late 2020, starting out on Discord. A former teammate of mine introduced roleplay to me, and I can't thank her enough.


1) No Metagaming. I'll respect that not every bit of information given to me shouldn't be known to my characters beforehand, so I expect the same out of my roleplay partner(s).

2) No Godmodding. I prefer control over my own characters especially in combat. However if the plot requires my character(s) to move and I am not there at the moment, my roleplay partner(s) have my consent to move my character(s).

3) No killing off my characters w/o my consent. Now, I am fine with the death of my character(s), but I would like if we discuss it beforehand. The only exception is the area/etc. has a warning that character(s) are likely to get killed.

4) Triggers. I got little to no triggers (see Triggers), but I am mighty respectful of others' triggers. I would appreciate if you let me know beforehand of yours.

5) IC isn't OOC. Don't assume that I share the same beliefs, morals, or etc. as my character(s).

6) No NSFW. You read it, folks! I’m underage.

I have some triggers of my own that I would like to share.

:x: Bugs used in a gruesome manner. I am fine with bugs in general however.

:x: Excessively detailed horror scenes. It is somewhat pure irony since I can handle detailed violence scenes.

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I’ve been roleplaying with Astro for 2 years, going on 3 I think, but regardless, it has been an absolute joy, since we started together, and have been able to watch each other grow. Astro has amazing backstories and is awesome at world building, and i would really recommend them for long term role plays. Creative ideas Long-term partner - SoulHeart57
astro is an awesome roleplayer! with creative characters and stories in their arsenal. if ya wanna rp with someone, they're someone to check out! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - GU7TMUNCH3RZ

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