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Seeking: I am seeking for roleplays
Closed: I am unfortunately not seeking for any roleplays.
Offline: Too busy to roleplay at all or on a break

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time


Did little ol' me spark your interest? *chuckles* Well hey there, I am Astrobeans but everyone calls me Astro. I've been roleplaying for 2ish years and still trying to improve.

A little about me ^_^

Behind the username? I like space and beans especially baked beans. In general, I can become quite the procrastinator when life decides to torture me so forgive me if I don't reply right back. I am also the oldest of 3 siblings; one of my brothers has autism. Other than those, I got school and I applied for a job.

I am quite the weeb and enjoy anime very much but I also like the Godfather & Scarface, action movies, and comedy. I like bowling, listening to music, drawing, and cooking.

↓ Business ↓
I am under 18 so I will generally keep it PG-13 when roleplaying or OOC. I have no problem with swearing and at most, my characters will said damn, use a suitable replacement word or just straight up censored. A few guidelines to know....

Let me know if you don't want to roleplay anymore or something came up irl. I care about your well-being than the roleplay itself. If you haven't reply in an week, I will check on you using PMs for your safety and not the roleplay.

Regarding my characters, please don't be mean or rude to me if you find any of my characters to be annoying, a jerk, or not to your liking.

No Godmoding or Metagaming, Period. Don't do it. Just don't because where is the fun in that? In general, I am quite lenient towards characters who have telepathy, mind reading, or something related but do ask me OOC.

Fighting. Ah, the smell of battle. To make this enjoyable for us and our characters, don't take control of my characters' actions before I reply. That's my decision what happens to them but describing the mark your character's attack made is totally cool with me. If I am willing to not dodge every attack, please return the favor and not dodge every attack even if it is a weak attack. Also I consider any sparring light fighting and practice so I will ask if you want to stop before things get too heavy.

Controlling or killing my character... Permission required with the exception of moving my character to further the plot. That will require giving me a little heads-up about it though.

↓ Genres ↓
If I haven't scared you away, great! Here is a menu of genres I do:

Adventure: Looks like you have struck gold. I love journeys and looting chests.

Modern: I can do with a dash of another genre. I like things bizarre a bit.

Fandom RPs: Depends on the fandom.

Sci-Fi: Not so familiar but I am totally cool with it.

Post Apocalyptic: It's a maybe....depends if I like the plot.

Fantasy: I like modern fantasy more than traditional fantasy.

Historical: I am a literal history bluff but I am effy about this type of roleplay. I prefer the Industrial Revolution and anything after it.

↓ Writing Style ↓

Casual RP- (2-3 sentences) "The hunt has started...", Robin pulled out her bow and gotten a bow ready. She stayed quiet and focused on the deer ahead of her.

1x1 rp or small group rp- (1 or more paragraphs) The sorceress cast fire all around the throne room as Robin tried her best to dodge the lurid flames. However Robin's cape caught on fire and she took it off quickly, stomping on it to put out the fire. Her tail fur was a bit burned but it was the least of her concern. With the sorceress preparing another fire spell, she attempts to pull [insert random name] towards a huge piece of rumble in attempts to dodge the spell.

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