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Central time zone - College student(Currently on break)

My character profiles are quite bare at this moment as I find it easiest to write out bios/personalities/etc as I get to know my characters more. Sybil and Christian are perhaps my most complete characters at this moment. Though Ofri is technically my oldest as she is a recreation of a character I had a few years ago.

None of my characters are really set in one world or style. Though I prefer modern or fantasy as my top two genres. I'm open to trying most sub-genres.

Some Notes
- I only like to rp with 18+, not for content simply I am an adult and only feel comfortable rping with other adults.
- I'm not big into sexual content and would prefer fade-to-black when possible. Otherwise willing to give it a try but it will likely be quite bad.
- I write anywhere from two to four paragraphs on average.

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