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Central time zone - College student

***Revamping most of my characters, so they may randomly disappear***
At the moment my published characters are really just bullet-pointed lists I'm turning into paragraphs. All other characters have a page on Draft-Mode Characters just to keep others aware of what characters I have.

None of my characters are really set in one world or style. Though I prefer Modern or Historical, I'm also pretty comfortable with Fantasy as well. The only one I haven't done is Sci-fi simply because I haven't really found a plot I like with it. I enjoy action or SOL, those are primarily what I rp I'll try almost anything if it sounds interesting.

Some Notes
- I only like to rp with 18+, not for content simply I am an adult and only feel comfortable rping with other adults.
- I'm not big into rps that revolve just around romance/sexual content. I like a little more of plot. I normally do fade-to-black as I don't feel it adds a lot to rps. Plus I'm probably quite bad at it.
- I write anywhere from two to four paragraphs on average.

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