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Hi. This is me when I see a particularly interesting character. If I message you randomly, chances are I did this to yours! Congrats on getting the Tormund grin.

My default roleplay preference is two plus paragraphs. I love details, story, and an active and equal partner that doesn't rely on me for all our scene ideas. I'm creative and can think of a fair few with little to no effort, but that doesn't mean it's exclusively my role. If you ask nicely, I'll happily make a character. All of my toons except Zenia are easily able to be incorporated in any fantasy roleplay from medieval to future times. I vastly prefer playing in worlds of our own design as opposed to having characters inhabit pre-existing worlds, such as Fallout, Dragon Age, etc.

Aeralis is chaotic, centuries old, and incredibly knowledgeable and well played. She has a firm and established back story that never changes. The character is solid and doesn't change with every interaction. As a copper dragon [mix] she's the perfect critter to set mazes, booby traps, and all sorts of problems for a treasure hunter. She's been deemed Hell on Wheels by friends and family and is so entirely lacking in rhyme or reason that she could quite literally do a hand stand in the middle of her post, keep talking casually, and it still wouldn't be the weirdest thing to happen in her scenes.

Eve stands alone. She's a socially awkward ginger (yes, I know, all of my characters are awkward, welcome to the theme!) who loves nothing more than to be at one with the wilderness, but some secret part of her craves human company and always brings her back to civilization.

Jacob is a human sorcerer born in the Mayan empire. As he moves through life his two constants are to seek knowledge and to meet new faces while doing so. He's the sort to rush to a dragon for a handshake even while they're burning down a city.

Xyomara is Aeralis' daughter, raised by her paladin father. She has a true grasp on right and wrong and often strives to help as best as she can. Most of her life was spent training for battle, but now that she's won her war she wanders, quite uncertain what to do with herself. Since much of her youth revolved around perfecting punches, she comes across as socially inept and sometimes shy.

Zamora is Aeralis' other daughter from another father. She is pure dragon and utterly chaotic. Her biggest problem in life is that she acts and reacts without any sort of passion and is entirely self-serving. She views herself as a cut above the rest and a god among ants.

Zenia is a drug dealer's daughter. As such, she feels life has given her few choices but to inevitably become a drug mule. Now her problem is finding a way out before she gets any deeper in trouble.

Rave Reviews

Aubrey is a true story master. I offered her a role in my RP universe and she has far exceeded expectations. She has what one might call a high RP IQ. She becomes a stronger writer based on the strength of the post you feed her. Meaning, if you bring greatness, expect Aubrey to study you, match you and entertain you. She is very descriptive, with a knack for great dialogue. Seriously, I would try to book her in your schedule like a flight, because if you wait too long the seats might fill up! - Serverus

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