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🌠 I'm an adult, I expect you to be as well.
🌠I suffer from anxiety, PTSD and memory problems. Thusly..
🌠 I will not put up with your bullshit. Be genuine or be on your way.
🌠 May not always be available due to having a life.
🌠 Please do not send me random friend requests.
🌠 Please do not add me to group messages without my consent
🌠 Understand the meaning of the word "No."
🌠 20+ year RP Veteran.
🌠 While I do roleplay, it's far and few between.




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Auron's Characters

Auron either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

What can I say about this person who I have basically shared my life with? We've gone through bouts of laughter and hysteria (#WhatHaveWeDone), we've gone through the worst that life has had to throw at us both, we've even got through the worst of each other.

And we're still here. I adore this person with all that I am. - TiamosLoren

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