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🌠 I'm an adult, I expect you to be as well.
🌠 I won't put up with your bullshit.
🌠 I have anxiety
🌠 I may not always be available
🌠 Please do not send me random friend requests
🌠 Please do not add me to group messages without my consent.
🌠 No means No
🌠 20+ year RP Veteran
🌠 Strong Paragraph/Novella. Absolutely no one-liners
🌠 Third Person Perspective only. No persona play.
🌠 Descriptive and detail oriented, seeking same
🌠 Character development, Plotting, Sucker for IC Romance
🌠 I will not engage in MxM pairings. MxF only.
🌠 I will write out smut, but there has to be story leading up to it.
🌠 I have no qualms about blocking you if you ghost me






The below video is not made with intent to trigger anyone. It's intent is comedy. If you cannot understand that and are so easily triggered, kindly see yourself out.

For the full Reunited Apart: LOTR Edition, please visit this link.

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Auron either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

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What can I say about this person who I have basically shared my life with? We've gone through bouts of laughter and hysteria (#WhatHaveWeDone), we've gone through the worst that life has had to throw at us both, we've even got through the worst of each other.

And we're still here. I adore this person with all that I am. - TiamosLoren

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