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I would just like to let everyone i have been in long term Rp with know i am okay, i took a short term hiatus i am back now and ready to get into the swing of yhings.

I have been roleplaying for over 14 years now, originally it was forum based but for the last 3 years it has mostly been table top rpgs. I love fantasy and horror settings, and enjoy more mature content (moderate violence and adult themes). Im hoping to find some individuals who have similar tastes and settings to roleplay.

I will happily Roleplay most genres if you are interested in a character i have or would like to make a new RP with new characters with me please PM me, im always open to new RP.

I do prefer PM roleplay over threads simply due to wanting to be able to have all content available, I will only RP with 18+ i ask that you be honest and forthcoming about that. If there is content you do/dont want to RP with me just ask, i am very open and happy to include or leave out anything that makes the RP enjoyable for everyone.

I have some basic characters on here, none of these are heavily made due to being generic to fit into any world/style. If you request a character from me it will have a lot more to the backstory to aid with RP.

I Do prefer to write in Multi Para, however i understand not everyone enjoys this and will happily fit into any style to make my RP partners more comfortable.

I do include romance, violence and adult themes if you ask so please just make it clear what you want from the RP.

I only tend to play female characters unless there is an absolute need for males. Its just what im more comfortable playing.

My time zone is GMT so subject to daylight savings time i can be in UTC or an hour ahead in BST

Rave Reviews

An awesome roleplayer who I was glad to meet. Is consistent with replies and their length. I really enjoy reading her replies when they come through and she is not afraid to put her own character into situations, rather than simply follow the lead of who she is roleplaying with.A great storyteller and rare find. Glad I got the chance to start something with Autumn_Vale - Dragon_Slayer
Autumn Vale is a master of descriptive robust language and truly makes a scene feel alive with her characters, attention to detail, and world building with her creative RP ideas.

She is consistent with her work and always delivers a reply that I look forward to opening up. If you give her a good foundation with your posts, you will definitely not be disappoint in her replies. I can promise you that.

I highly recommend that you take the chance to RP with her. You won't regret it. - Night_Cat

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