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I am a grumpy old man, I enjoy cute things, however like my shoulders and spine I am very broken down and tired. I will keep our conversations on the story we are writing and only that as I promise you we will not get along on personal matters, and that is alright as human beings come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds.

If we must make small talk for things such as icebreakers I am from Kentucky, and I have heard every awful joke there is about that very thing but I invite you to tell more if you need a conversation starter because I will never not laugh at those.

The closest character to my personality you will find is Kirito from SAO Abridged, life is a joke might as well laugh at it.

Rave Reviews

I haven't spoken to Avalon in a while, but he is a very friendly, chill guy. His posts never stop catching my interest, hooking me in tighter whether its IC or OOC. We're only acquainted, but I hope we can be friends someday. His IC posts are very detailed and a nice length with a juocy amount of information.

Message him whether its IC or OOC and you'll be in for a treat. - TheCookiesAreGolden
I've only played with Samuel Holliday, but the character is incredibly well thought out. He's charming and realistic and the dynamic between characters is adorable. The pace of the story is great, not trying to force things to happen too quickly, but also not allowing the story to get stuck in the meantime. I'm having so much fun with this RP ^_^ - asherb92

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