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I do not accept random friend requests.

Hello! Call me Ave!

dCNLVSM.png I’ve been a roleplayer for almost twenty years. My favorite genres include fantasy and science fiction.

dCNLVSM.png I'm a new mom as of November 7th, so my time is limited. My baby will always be my priority!

dCNLVSM.png I run these Furcadia dreams:
Red Meadow, paranormal dark fantasy wolf dream.
Umbra Munte, feral dream that will retire on May 8th.
Valorien, new feral dream.

Come check out a new fledgling Sci Fi roleplay! Furcadia dream still WIP!

The bee's knees

IC Drama: In-character drama is fantastic, as long as all parties involved do not mix up IC and OOC. I am not my characters, and vice versa.
Character development
Slow burn: I enjoy taking time building up plot and character growth.
Furcadia/Discord rp: I roleplay primarily on Furcadia, and some times Discord. I will not rp on RPR unless for special circumstances, sorry!

Communication: I cannot stress enough how important it is to tell me if there is an issue. Do not wait to tell me a week or months later. I will deal with situations like an adult, so I expect the same from you. Let's be honest with one another. We all share interest in the same hobby, let's enjoy it!
Patience: Real life always takes precedence. If we need to hold off on roleplay, or pause, or whatever it is you need to do to take care of business, I will understand. I expect the same tolerance. I may be a little slow in roleplay because of real life. I'm also expecting my first child, so I'm tired literally all the time.
Positive vibes: I'm a friendly, positive, laid-back person who loves to meme and throw around silly jokes, and I love to chill! That said, I enjoy being surrounded by equally positive people.
Tolerance: Everyone makes mistakes. It happens. If I made one, bring it to my attention. I may not be aware and I am insufferably forgetful (I have ADD). For example, if you tell me something five months ago, and it was heckin’ important to you, don’t expect me to remember. Just give me a reminder.
RP Secrets: I find revealing a plot point in roleplay to be the most satisfying feeling shared between all roleplayers (seriously, the reactions are GOLD). You won’t find me talking about a character’s secret(s) OOCly, that said I won’t reveal any of yours! As a side note, I don’t make a habit of writing the histories/secrets of my characters on their pages, as I prefer to reveal them in roleplay.

It stings

OOC Drama: Communication is key. If there is a problem, please, don't hesitate to let me know, so that we can fix our issues together! If drama persists, all further contact will cease.
Licks/nips/pets/bites/etc: It's not cute.

Discord: Ave#2019
Deviantart: Aveilthe


Rave Reviews

I've not known Aveilthe for TOO long, but even in the span of a handful of months, she's been a warm, ever-enthusiastic, ever-direct person to talk to out of character - and in-character, every scene's become THAT much more enriched with one of Ave's characters in it. It's been fun brainstorming anything and everything with her and watching her lay groundwork for plot after plot - even now, I'm excited to see what she has in store for the future! - Rigby
Jaxamir Harlo (played by Aveilthe)
Jax is just a fantastic character, with an amazing character arch. Who would have thought someone who was so bad could have turned out so good; He's like an onion with many layers. He's also like the biggest teddy bear ever. Ave does an amazing job keeping Jax true to his character. There is a reason why he's Moe's Jaxy-poo. If you haven't had the opportunity to roleplay with him, I suggest you do so. - Raerae

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