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Hello, call me Ave! Aside from being a full time mom, I am also an avid veteran roleplayer.

Talk to me first before sending a friend request!

I run these Furcadia dreams:
Red Meadow | Umbra Munte | Valorien

I am part of these groups:
Post Apocalyptic
Ebon Gloom
The Excessive Eighties
80s Roleplay

Discord: Ave#9907
Deviantart: Avelithe

Rave Reviews

Avelithe is an intense plotter and incredibly good sport, with no shortage of great ideas and an explosive amount of enthusiasm behind them. I’ve had a lot of fun brainstorming with her behind the scenes and finding ways to get my characters into far more trouble than they need to be. I can't wait to see where things go next! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Tar
Good gracious, Ave has such an amazing and witty sense of humor that comes out of nowhere and leaves me cackling for days. So much so that when I'm feeling down, I go back and read comments they've left to cheer me up and I'm cackling all over again. Each time we've messaged, she's been so nice too! I also loved reading their roster of characters because they're all so well made. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - MissPixie

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