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Hello! Call me Ave! I’ve been a roleplayer for over twenty years. My favorite genres include fantasy, horror, and science fiction. I'm a new mom, so my time will be limited. I changed my name to 'Avelithe' because folks had a hard time pronouncing 'Aveilthe'.

dCNLVSM.png I run these Furcadia dreams:
Red Meadow
Umbra Munte

When roleplaying with me, all that I ask is that we keep drama in-character only, and in-character and out-of-character separated. My characters' thoughts, feelings, and actions do not reflect my own. I am not my characters, and they are not me, so please do not get them confused. I'm one-hundred percent open to communication, so never hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or anything in between. Otherwise, I'm fairly relaxed, and I never pass up the opportunity to throw jokes and memes around like Halloween candy. Worldbuilding, slow burn, adventure campaigns, plot, and character development is the bee's knees. I love to DM events and create juicy prompts. I'm here to have fun and spread the joy of this wonderful hobby. Thank you for checking out my profile! Stay safe, and have fun!
- Ave -

Come check out this neat Sci Fi roleplay!

Discord: Avelithe#2019
Deviantart: Avelithe

Rave Reviews

Ave has been pulling the strings on a massive plot for quite some time. I had the opportunity to stumble into a big unknown plot point pretty early on, and keeping her secrets and watching the outcomes has been an endless delight. Ave writes detailed characters with unexpected, mysterious backstories, and gets attached to her NPCs (as you do); she thinks quick on her toes, and is always ready to adapt her plot to the unexpected revelations and outcomes of the players and characters involved. - AJ_89
Good gracious, Ave has such an amazing and witty sense of humor that comes out of nowhere and leaves me cackling for days. So much so that when I'm feeling down, I go back and read comments they've left to cheer me up and I'm cackling all over again. Each time we've messaged, she's been so nice too! I also loved reading their roster of characters because they're all so well made. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - MissPixie

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