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I do not accept random friend requests.

Hello! Call me Ave! I’ve been a roleplayer for over twenty years. My favorite genres include fantasy, horror, and science fiction. I'm a new mom, so my time will be limited.

dCNLVSM.png I run these Furcadia dreams:
Red Meadow
Umbra Munte

Come check out this neat Sci Fi roleplay!

Discord: Avelithe#2019
Deviantart: Aveilthe

Rave Reviews

Aveilthe is a fantastic artist! Her patches are also super gorgeous, and I love seeing the things she creates. Her characters are fun and diverse, and I can't wait to get to RP with them. Beyond that, she's a gem of a client to work is as an artist. Wholeheartedly recommend! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Auberon
Ave is a titan among roleplayers! She’s a rare gem who can craft a character so 3-dimensional it’ll leave your head spinning. Haven’t known her long and I’m new to the community she’s poured so much love and time into, but I’ve never been part of a more welcoming community than Mobius and she’s a big part of the reason why. Only trouble I have now is choosing which character I wanna meet next because they’re all so appealing! Looking forward to getting to know this one better for sure! Helpful Wonderful writer - Scuz

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