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I do not accept random friend requests.

Hello! Call me Ave! I’ve been a roleplayer for over twenty years. My favorite genres include fantasy, horror, and science fiction. I'm a new mom, so my time will be limited.

dCNLVSM.png I run these Furcadia dreams:
Red Meadow
Umbra Munte

- Ave -

Come check out this neat Sci Fi roleplay!

Discord: Avelithe#2019
Deviantart: Avelithe

Rave Reviews

Ave is a lovely, shining gem. Roleplaying with her fantastic characters is a blast, she's always up for something fun, be it Ara hanging out with sweet little Kaelee or much darker themes. She's a joy to brainstorm with, to create unique stories with and just generally joke around. I look forward to all the stuff we have planned, and what happens in the stories that branch off from those! - Rook
A witty, clever, wonderful addition to RPR, I love their sense of humor and all the work they put into their characters, while the two of use have never RPed it doesn't escape me the level of brilliance and care that goes into each and every one. Always nice in the interactions we've had I am left with a smile when I see them around the site. Great sense of humor - Kruhee

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