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A playful, high- flying birdy who loves RPing and baking cookies. Feel free to give headpats!

Please note that if I don't know you and you send me a friend request, I assume you want to play/chat, will message you about that, and will decline the request if you're just randomly sending friend requests. If you have a game in mind or randomly have character questions for me, sending me a message at the same time as the friend request is appreciated. ^v^ If my inbox has notifications, I check it even before the activity feed.

WARNING: most of my crew is very powerful in various ways and may need some work to make good for most RPs. That said, some others are much more workable.

For more manageable characters, Look to Sox, Kiluri, and Tsi'ka-ul. They're varrying degrees of potent, but are easier to tame down.

The others can be a handful or two, but are also a LOT of fun if high-powered magic or tech won't trash game balance.

Rave Reviews

Avitrathephoenix is a amazing person. we are doing a Rp and it is easily one of my favorites. I'm always checking to see if Avitrathephoenix has responded yet. I just enjoy the Rp and talking to Avitrathephoenix. If I could mark the more boxes I would. honestly try Rp or talking with Avitrathephoenix. it will be worth the time as Avitrathephoenix is that awesome and there amazing friends. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - kungpowdragon23
Joined a group rp they were gming and have been having a rather good time. Even ended up in a 1x1 with them and it has gone rather swimmingly. Been easy to rp with and very understanding of when RL gets in the way. Finally they have a good sense of humor and are fun to talk to. Creative ideas Fast responses - Katia

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