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  • Gender: Female

A playful, high- flying birdy who loves RPing and baking cookies. Please feel free to give headpats.

WARNING: most of my crew is very powerful. Once I start making OCs, I swear they'll be less obnoxious. For now though, I'll just be careful about what RPs I join and what resources they have available. The Eldritch-sorceress, high powered telepath, and me, the hypersonic immortal healer, tend to be a bit of a hand full.... The shadow-ops agent, the silver tongued business floof, and my sister the omniscient(ish) computer network can be too big, too....

Rave Reviews

  • This girl right here has a heart of gold! Honestly, her rp style is wonderful and well worded. She seems to always know what to say and her imagination is spectacular. Just look at her art :3 She is a talented young lady and a ton of fun to rp with.
    -- SeaWarriorRachel

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