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A playful, high- flying birdy who loves RPing and baking cookies. Please feel free to give headpats.

WARNING: most of my crew is very powerful. Once I start making OCs, I swear they'll be less obnoxious. For now though, I'll just be careful about what RPs I join and what resources they have available. The Eldritch-sorceress, high powered telepath, and me, the hypersonic immortal healer, tend to be a bit of a hand full.... The shadow-ops agent, the silver tongued business floof, and my sister the omniscient(ish) computer network can be too big, too....

Rave Reviews

I just started RPing, and Avi is so helpful. Got a magic question? She can help. Need help making your first post? She’s there. Not even sure what anything means? She’ll explain it. She’s also an amazing writer, and she’s got wonderful characters. Helpful Wonderful writer - The
Joined a group rp they were gming and have been having a rather good time. Even ended up in a 1x1 with them and it has gone rather swimmingly. Been easy to rp with and very understanding of when RL gets in the way. Finally they have a good sense of humor and are fun to talk to. Creative ideas Fast responses - Katia

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