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Hello! I'm Tristan. I'm starting this up again because my profile got deleted? Which is... Weird. But hey, fresh new start! Woohoo!

So, some basics about me first of all:
  • I am Trans, FTM. He / him pronouns exclusively.
  • I'm from Australia, in the AEST / AEDT timezone (depending on the time of year).
  • I've been roleplaying for well over 4-5 years by now.
  • My current fixations are Destiny, Undertale and Transformers.
As copied from my introduction page before my account was mysteriously deleted:

I've been roleplaying for a solid 4-5 years by now. Except, most of that time was spent on Tumblr, with the exceptions of Kik (which I've long since ignored), Skype (which is also gone), and Discord (which is more of a media platform than anything for me). I have traversed many different fandoms with many fixations.

I have been in these fandoms:
Gravity Falls
Game of Thrones
Fairy Tail
Red vs Blue
Dragon Age
Mass Effect

It's a lot, yeah, but it's given me a wide of different perspectives! I'm open to almost every genre, and almost any fandom if I know of it. My muses tend to be fleeting but strong and apparent when they're there.

I'm hoping to see this as an alternative to Tumblr due to the new restrictions being applied on the 17th December and the moderator bots flagging any post that accordingly has something NSFW in it, even when it is innocent. I feel as though it might jeopardize my experience on that platform, so I'm reaching out to new platforms and trying them out!

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tristan is the cayde of my heart and the whole reason behind my username. also i was BULLIED into FOLLOWING HIM HERE but i love him. - queenofhearts

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