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My name is Aya, welcome to my world!

I have been role playing since I was 13 years old, so I consider myself pretty experienced. I might not be Tolkien or Rowling when it comes to storytelling, but trust me I will not disappoint you at all. I'm ALWAYS open for a new story, so please don't feel shy to message me, but "what does she even RP?" you might ask:

🌸 Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure, Action, Romance! 🌸

In more detail: Anything like Elder Scrolls, Disney, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Expendables, OUAT, Pirates of the Caribbean... there's also a whole bunch of fandoms, so I'm not just reserved to those. Most of the time I do original settings, I'm open to anything really.


NO MINORS! I will say this a hundred times if I must, I do not and will not write or interact with a minor. I prefer that you'd be 21+ but I could make an exception for 18+. If I find out that you're a minor and you tricked me into thinking you're an adult by playing an anonymous character, I WILL REPORT YOU, and I will WARN all my partners here about you. For your own safety and mine, please be considerate.

NO DRAMA! If I have offended you in any way, I apologize and please know it's probably a misunderstanding, I would never intentionally harm anyone. I'm more than open to resolving any issues privately via PM, but if you're only looking to argue and you start using profanity and inflammatory language to provoke, then I am BLOCKING you. I don't accept childish drama and I don't accept disrespectful behavior.

NO RACISM, SEXISM or any type of discrimination allowed whatsoever. Period. I don't mind these themes in the RP just as long as it's in character and not OOC. Also, please no shoving your political views down my throat.

NO ONE LINERS! Write at least two paragraphs. At least. You don't have to type up a novella every time, but at least give me something to respond to.

NO HASSLING! I have a life outside of this site, if I disappear it's not because of you personally. I will not apologize for being busy in real life, and I will not accept being pressured to respond to you.

💜 That should be all. I'm really not that interesting outside of the RP, I'm just gonna say I'm an Asian/brown girl and a Muslima, so please be considerate of my background and culture. I'm usually a very nice girl, you don't even have to RP with me, you could just message me to rant or talk about life, I'm always open. Love you all! 💜

Rave Reviews

Aya is a talented writer who weaves together engaging characters, intricately detailed worlds, and a plot that you can't put down into one. What's more, they are easy to brainstorm with and are a wellspring of ideas. Highly recommended to new and experienced role-players alike. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - FadedTapestry
This person really is amazing. I didn’t expect any attention on this site truthfully, I was just gonna give it a week and then delete my account if it didn’t pan out, but when I asked Ayla if she was into it, I was surprised she was so into it! I’m glad we could have made such an amazing story together! Our story was so good, it would probably make a great movie. I hope our role play relationship does not end because she is truly the kind of partner you’d want! She matches post length great! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - BoyBand

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