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My name is Aya, welcome to my world!

I have been role playing since I was 13 years old, so I consider myself pretty experienced. I might not be Tolkien or Rowling when it comes to storytelling, but trust me I will not disappoint you at all. I'm ALWAYS open for a new story, so please don't feel shy to message me, but "what does she even RP?" you might ask:

💛 Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure, Action, Romance! 💛

In more detail: Anything like Elder Scrolls, Disney, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Expendables, OUAT, Pirates of the Caribbean... there's also a whole bunch of fandoms, so I'm not just reserved to those. Most of the time I do original settings, I'm open to anything really.

🌼 That should be all. I'm really not that interesting outside of the RP, I'm just gonna say I'm an Asian/brown girl and a Muslima, so please be considerate of my background and culture. I'm usually a very nice girl, you don't even have to RP with me, you could just message me to rant or talk about life, I'm always open. Love you all! 🌼

Rave Reviews

She's not just a writer; she's a creative powerhouse. Every detail in our projects? Nailed it. And patience? Oh, she's got it in spades. Writing with her is like having a front-row seat to a masterclass. I'm very much looking forward to where our stories take us. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - FullMoonRising
This person really is amazing. I didn’t expect any attention on this site truthfully, I was just gonna give it a week and then delete my account if it didn’t pan out, but when I asked Ayla if she was into it, I was surprised she was so into it! I’m glad we could have made such an amazing story together! Our story was so good, it would probably make a great movie. I hope our role play relationship does not end because she is truly the kind of partner you’d want! She matches post length great! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - BoyBand

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