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Greetings, friends!

My name is Aya, and I've been role playing since 2014. I consider myself quite experienced in role playing, I'm no Tolkien or Gaiman but rest assured that I won't disappoint you!

I am always open for new storylines or friendship, so don't be afraid to send me a friend request or a DM. I'm mostly open to fantasy verses, and this is what I'm looking to role play:

Fantasy (any era)

Adventure (any era)


Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Assassin's Creed

Harry Potter

DC Comics


Sherlock Holmes

Midsomer Murders

Action (any era)

The Expendables

Devil May Cry

Teen Wolf

Vampire Diaries



1. No rudeness, disrespectful behavior or drama allowed at all. If you're just here to start shit, then exit my page immediately and go take your negativity someplace else. You will be blocked if you try to start drama for no reason.

2. I write anything from multi para to novella, I understand that some scenes merit long replies and some shorter ones. However, I will NOT accept any semi one liners, single paragraphs or script-style writing.

3. READ MY REPLY! I can't believe I even have to explain this, but there are so many writers here that legit don't even read what you send them. You're talking about tomatoes on your part, and they reply with apples. If you're just going to ignore anything about my previous reply in your next response or just ignore my character all together, then expect to be ignored in return.

4. Smut is alright, but please, no smut based role plays in which you don't want our OC's to do anything except have sex. Also, I only accept romantic storylines if the characters have chemistry.

5. Do not pester me. I have two jobs, a masters degree and a bunch of family stuff to take care of, so no, I might not be able to reply you on spot sometimes. If I don't reply for over a week, feel free to remind me, but if you're gonna keep pestering me and demanding that I respond to you every five minutes, then get as far away from me as possible.

6. No "Animes" or Furries: By "Animes" I do not mean actual, canon characters that come from existing animes. I mean those totally culturally inappropriate and cheesy OC's with names that aren't proper Japanese, and are downright cringe. And Furries? I don't even have to explain. I'm not saying you shouldn't RP that, I'm just saying I won't accept writing with you. Please be respectful of my choice and don't start arguing with me or forcing me to write with you.

7. NEW: Do not use multiple accounts with me, and try to trick me into thinking you're two or more different people. There's a reason why it's not allowed here, and it's honestly creepy and highly inappropriate too. It's disgusting to trick someone into thinking that you're two different people with two different accounts. Just don't do it with me, I'll report you. I'll only say this once.

Other than that, please don't feel shy to approach me. 💕✨

Rave Reviews

I have given this person Kudos but I’m going to pretend I didn’t so I can rave about her more. I truly feel like I can reach my creative potential with her, I mean her character mends with the AutoBots so well, I mean she has the perfect chemistry, better then anything Michael Bay gave us, and I’m so glad she gave me a gracious chance because it’s been the best role play I’ve ever had, she has me gushing! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - BoyBand
Where do I even start? Awesome person, awesome writer, Aya is everything you could want in a partner. She always contributes to pushing the story forward, and she does it with awesome and creative ideas. She’s got some really cool, tough characters to throw into any scenario, and wvery post gives plenty to work with. You won’t find yourself grasping for content here. If you get the chance to RP with Aya, you should absolutely take it. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - ILostTheMap

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