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Just call me Azel.
12 Years of RP experience
Paragraph's usually 2-3 long
Easy world-builder / Decent with plot-building

I frequently respond 24/7, unless I'm busy, or my muse happens to be out of order for the time being. Which happens a lot more frequently than I realize. My apologies if I happen to drop the rp. I do not try to ghost. I tend to toss a note after a week of silence on your end.

My timezone is EST. But I happen to be mainly nocturnal. Again this won't be a problem so long as I'm interested. Also please help in adding more plot to the story, I do not like being the only one thinking things up.
Current Status: On and Off (Responses will be slow)

Character's open for rp: Whisper

Current Genre Fixation:
Current Fandom Fixation: Avatar The Last Airbender


(If you can't use google doc's, basic rules are common sense)
(Majority of fandoms are Cartoon's / Anime, Genre's regarding magic)

Rave Reviews

Her writing is so, so beautiful!!!! Her ideas are well thought-out & she’s really very good at setting the mood of the rp. Many descriptive words but also not too much, just enough to get the feel, like I’m actually there! She also characterises her characters well, I can see the personality in her oc even though they cannot speak and don’t move around too much. I enjoy writing with her plenty! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - b0uncy
Azel is an ARTIST! From her artwork to her writing style to her character design, everything I’ve experienced in my time of roleplaying with her has been phenomenal! I feel honored that she reached out to me and I find myself getting a small adrenaline rush every time I see a message from her because I know to expect only the best from her responses! Love you, babe! 😘❤️ - QueenHate

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