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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: July 26


Just call me Azel.
12 Years of RP experience
Paragraph's usually 3-4 long
Easy world-builder / Decent with plot-building

I frequently respond 24/7, unless I'm busy, or my muse happens to be out of order for the time being. Which happens a lot more frequently than I realize. My apologies if I happen to drop the rp. I do not try to ghost. I tend to toss a note after a week of silence on your end.

My timezone is EST. But I happen to be mainly nocturnal. Again this won't be a problem so long as I'm interested. Also please help in adding more plot to the story, I do not like being the only one thinking things up.
Current Status: Up to game! (Responses will be plentiful)

Character's open for rp: Sirene Mallory!XS | Cass Cadavich | Ryu Aonuma | Thing

Current Genre Fixation: Modern / Magic or Old / Fantasy
Current Fandom Fixation: Xiaolin Showdown


(If you can't use google doc's, basic rules are common sense)
(Majority of fandoms are Cartoon's / Anime, Genre's regarding magic)

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