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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: January 29

Howdy! I'm a Texas girl through and through. I have been roleplaying for three or four years now. Most of my responses are at least a paragraph, very rarely will I do one liners. I do my best to respond during the day, and I'm usually fairly active at night. If you want to rp just PM me!

Due to certain reasons, I will be leaving RPR. I apologize to my rp buddies and friends for not alerting you guys sooner. I hope I can retur. soon!

Rave Reviews

  • This girly girl... She took my heart with just one character. I've been looking to do a superhero rp and she delivered one day, and I didn't even need to ask!

    That's not the reason why I'm writing this. She is a great role player and it's always a joy for her to...
    -- CoyBoat275

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