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Name uses: Bunny
Sexuality: Demisexual
Status: Role player/Writer
Birthplace: Somewhere in the universe
Date of Birth: December 28
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5'6 cm
Position: College student
Hometown: Some place in the universe
Specialties: Writing, Poetry, Web Design

Hobbies & Interests: Animation, art, nature, music, animals, and reading.

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Have a amazing day :)[/center]

Rave Reviews

She's great at the whole Roleplaying thing, and understands the concept on constantly giving ideas and plot point a spotlight Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - YuriGreyThorn
Been meaning to give this lady a kudos for a while now. Since meeting her, she have been an awesome partner and wonderful person to talk to OOC. She is very descriptive with her posts and definitely drives the plot forward. She have great talent with adapting her characters with various scenarios too! If you want some true emotion to read in each post, BRabbit is your girl! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - KingTai

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