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I've been roleplaying since the late 90's and before that I was playing DnD since I was around 9.

A voracious reader I love the written word but I admit to being a massive junkie for romance novels, anything from the traditional Harlequin Romance series that have been around since, like forever to the more refined like Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austin.

I also love Brahm Stoker and the classic horror genre, I've read all of the classics (or just about!) and have a great respect and deep attachment to the older styles of writing. In this very modern world there is something about the romantic prose and vivid writing detail of the old masters is as beautiful to me as a dawn. While I appreciate and enjoy the more modern styles of writing I am a fan of the magic you encounter when you painted the picture for the reader, drew them in like a bee to honey as it were, bewitching and enchanting the reader from beginning to end.

My whole RP life I have been trying to find the Beast to my Beauty. Not that I am a stunner or anything like that, moreso I have been trying to find a Role Play that has a bewitching echo to the masterwork of the Beauty and the Beast movie/novel. My favorite rendition has been the Disney adaptation and some day, somehow, I hope to finally achieve that goal... To find a partner who is as enamored with the story as I am and wants to put their heart and imagination into creating the story with their own twist.

Current;y I am not accepting role plays that are not at least 4 Paragraphs or longer.

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Detailed and incredible writer, someone who puts thought and effort into what they're doing and not to mention how easily has Bad Influence fit in with the WoD community and contributed on day one. It's bonkers, you guys, in the best way possible and it melts my heart. I'm so thankful for Bad, you're bloody fantastic and amazing, and I just can't wait to get into all the juicy stuff with you! <3 Helpful Great sense of humor - Queen_of_Hell

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