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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: May 06

Hi, I'm Balor. I'm 20 years old and ftm trans. I love to write fanfiction with my girlfriend, build houses in the Sims 3, and work with my service dog, Leo. I use OCs, as well as cannon characters, so feel free to message me about either.

I have a few ground rules, which I will put here along with my style. I typically do 3rd person paragraphs. I'm pretty flexible with length but usually do anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. It depends on the situation and what I'm responding to. I don't do potty play or rape, but rape play is fine as long as it fits the characters and both parties have previously consented and set ground rules. Other than that, just warn me if you want a character death or something to that effect. And it's okay for your character to have a dark backstory. I just don't actively RP rape. Just a warning, my writing tends to get worse the longer it's been since my last testosterone shot, which I take Tuesday nights, so if my replies get shorter or less detailed between (usually) Saturday and early Tuesday, it's just because I'm having a hard time focusing. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

Here are a few starters for some of my OCs. More coming soon.

Andriel Coates

(Your character is a submissive male)
A. Your character is from the future, where Andriel woke up. Very soon after he woke up, something happened that sent him and your character back in time to modern day. They ended up in the same town, and met each other, but didn't realize that they're both from the future until later. They could go to the same high school, college, or work together.
B. Andriel has just woken from cryo-sleep to find that everyone who was in the facility with him died while the world ended and he is the only one left. He leaves to look for other humans, hoping he isn't the last one left, and finds your character, who was born after the world ended.
C. Your character was a slave owned by the king of the new world, Matteo. He was used for typical work, as well as something to take anger out on, and something to take sexual frustration and pent up energy out on for the soldiers and the king himself. He was locked in the dungeon after refusing a soldier, and was there for over a year before Andriel killed the king and took over as the new king. He consulted with the soldiers who weren't loyal to Matteo, and released any prisoners who were there longer than they should have been, or shouldn't have been there. He gave them the choice of going back to their families, or staying and working for him if they had none. Because your character has no family, he stays to work for Andriel, who sees potential in him and decides to make him his personal assistant. Your character assumes that means something very different from what Andriel intends.

Joshua Tanaka

(Your character is a submissive male)
A. Joshua is new to your character's high school. No one knows anything about him, and he doesn't talk much. He also seems to often walk with a slight limp, which has started several rumors. He is more or less a complete mystery, and your character wants to learn about him.
B. After Joshua gets kicked out of his house, he's looking for a place to stay. Your characters family decides to take him in and give him a place to stay, even though none of them know anything but his name and age.

Leo Hugenberger

(Your character is a submissive male)
A. Leo just transferred to your character's school for his final year of high school. They meet and quickly become friends, but he seems to have a problem with your characters father and tends to get a bit jumpy when there are loud noises. Can your character earn enough of his trust for Leo to tell him something only his mother knows, and only because she was told by the agency when she adopted him?
B. Your character works in the building where Leo is a security guard, and they become friends.

William Aquarius

You're character (a dominant male) is new at the school and sees William being bullied. He steps in and helps Will out, which leads to them becoming friends, then more.

The pairs I usually use from tv shows, movies, and books are:
-Zuko and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I play Katara, and Zuko is the dom.
-Arthur and Merlin from Merlin. I play Merlin, and Arthur is the dom.
-Butler and Artemis II from Artemis Fowl. I play Artemis II, and Butler is the dom.
-Phantom and Christine from Phantom of the Opera. I play Christine, and Phantom is the dom.
-Henri and Four from I am Number Four. I play Four, and Henri is the dom.
-Jay and Carlos from Descendants. I play Jay, who is the dom.
-Philip and Trevor from Travelers. I play Philip, and either can be the dom.
Let me know if there are any others you would like to do and I might like them too but no promises. The ages of the characters can change depending on your preferences and we can come up with plots together, you can suggest some, or I have a list ready if you would like me to suggest some.

I'm also okay with just chatting if you would like to get to know me better before we role play. Ask me anything, I'm pretty open about most things.

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