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I am not very active here - contact me on Twitter at

The original "Fruitsona" © (patent pending), it appears to be a six-foot tall banana monster with six-inch teeth, beady red eyes, a piercing screech, and fantastic dance moves.


Actually, I'm Jesse, a demi-male (neutral or masculine pronouns preferred) from Florida, but I now live in Tennessee. My personality type is INFP-T (where the T apparently stands for "Turbulent" because of my emotions? I don't honestly feel turbulent, but okay).

Creator of The Races Fjandi, Warg-hai, and the Hundar! Create one today and join up!

I'm an actor (both theatre and film), pet sitter, and rabid fanboy for ALL OF THE THINGS (Buffy TVS/Angel; BBC's Sherlock; LoTR; Harry Potter; Thor/Avengers/Marvel; and so many more). I PLAY DEM VIDYA GAEMZ TOO! My favorites include Fable, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Sonic Adventire Battle 2, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Persona 3 and 4, etc.

Ummmm... please, do message me because I like chatting. A lot. *Heavy breathing*

Trigger Warning: Slave/Slaver RP

(TGT is The Golden Tether, a Furcadia role-play community)
From konnie
I've recently come across a few profiles with strong opinions towards the bdsm/slave trade aspect of the community, and I would like to clarify a few things.

TGT, which was created over 15 years ago, is inspired by Gorean culture, a fantasy sci-fi culture from a book series from the 60's.

Gor is highly popular in offline BDSM as a roleplay scenario, and fit in well with the sand and sword fantasy setting of Furrabian Nights on the furry game Furcadia, which is the Adults Only area of the text based RP MMO, and it was not the first community within the game to be influenced by the culture.
It is the longest running community still on the game to this day, and one of the first on RPR.

Roleplay is inherently consensual, even for dark themes. Both online and offline.
Players choose to step into the roles, and limits are discussed before a scene is even written out.
They can also know something is reprehensible in the real world, and still explore it in writing without condoning it.

TGT is a k*nk community, even if it is a text based RP community as well - and everything k*nk related within the setting is kept to JUST IC, there is no bleed through to OOC.
(That I know of, I don't pry into people's personal lives and what they get up to with their partners. xD)

If you are uncomfortable, that's wholly understandable, but to hold some moral high ground for not being k*nky is unnecessary. No one is forcing you to interact with those within the community, and you can always keep scrolling if you see a character with the group tag.

If you cannot disconnect OOC and IC, the setting is not for you, and I am not as well.

Side Note: You see gang and mafia scenarios/groups all the time, which has more plausibility as a RL counterpart setting, and yet it is glamourized without a thought - IRL gangs/mafias are just as involved in trafficking of people.
Just a thought.


(Art by Darling on Furcadia! AHHHHHHHH!)
(Art by Wires on Furcadia of their character, Kira, and Nanners having a bit of fun! ;3)
(Doodle art by Tanith!)
(By BBNay! Aidachilla rides Nanners into battle as Bread orders them to charge!)
(By Mystea in the Alfheim Discord!)

"I'll be your candle on the water
'Till ev'ry wave is warm and bright
My soul is there beside you
Let this candle guide you
Soon you'll see a golden stream of light."


Here's a totally real picture of me, a vampiric jackalope, givin' a big ol' BLEP!

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Nana has got to be one of the coolest, sweetest, most entertaining people I've come across while Role Playing in the last 10 years. They have so many ideas, such fantastic characters and their RPing is so fresh and unique. I love the way Nana writes, legitimately a pleasure to read in every post. I highly recommend giving them a nudge! It's definitely worth it, even if it's just to chat. <3 - Damned
Amazing charecter, wonderfully RPed. Only critisizm is that you are not around half as much as I would like! I miss you far too much <3 But a lovely charecter all the same! Well developed. - Lizzie

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