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"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than others."


This profile used to be a long read, but I've boiled it down to just the important bits!

I'm super friendly and I love to gush about characters and common fandoms. Although my writing may not be to everyone's taste. I'm an extremely loyal roleplay partner, but I'm a slow poster between adult responsibilities like work, social life and exercise. I mostly indulge in stories that are either low-medium fantasy or modern with supernatural twists, sometimes with darker themes.

I prefer to interact with people who are 20+ for the sake of both of our comfort and with characters that have no stolen art for personal reasons. Ask for my Discord if you feel like it.

Lastly, the majority of my characters have art that is either commissioned or drawn by myself. The rest is AI-generated.

Rave Reviews

Spook is amazing! It's been a while since we've RPed, and I shouldn't let that stop me! Her characters are so wonderful, aaa, I love the one we RPed with! She's really funny and nice, and super understanding, and totally lets you know whats up on the down low. You gotta give her a chance! - Kamui
Great writer, has an awesome sense of pacing, and wonderfully developed characters. Absolute pleasure to RP with <3 - racheldoodle

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