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DO NOT send me friend requests unless we've spoken or if you're below the age of 18.

DO NOT steal art for your characters if you intend to roleplay with me. AI-generated art or face claims from famous actors are okay.

DO ask me for my Discord if you fancy my characters and want to plot! I may or may not be available for roleplay, but I love making new friends over common interests. Idle talk and gushing about characters make me all the more likely to engage in long-term roleplay.

DO ask me if I take commissions if you like my art! I might not be available, but the worst thing that could happen is that I say no. It means a whole lot that people like what I do.

DO ask me about my roleplay preferences. I'm reasonably stringent regarding what I expect of others, and I'm very open about what I've got to offer in return. But to chalk it down- I don't perform well under pressure, but I'm also extremely loyal and there is no reason for you to believe a reply isn't coming unless I've canceled the roleplay. I write multiple paragraphs, and while I've got no upper or lower limits, I do expect similar effort from my partners.

DO message me. Even if it's just to say hi. I love inbox messages. <3

Rave Reviews

So I haven't been rping with Cinders for long, but can I say each and every post she makes is amazing and well worth any wait. She has characters down to every little quirk and detail and she is an excellent writer. In short, she is awesome, rp with her right now, like, you would be missing out if you do not rp with her. - Fluffer
From the time I've met her on official chat, I can say she's pretty great and respectful person. MERRY CHRISTMAS SPOOK <3 - RimCaster

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