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I'm a friendly person and I love chatting, but unsolicited friend requests are creepy as hell.

This is Banshee's profile!

Call me Ghost or whatever. Spook works, too - that was my username until recently. I'm pansexual and identify as female, but they or them works just as well. I'm a highly-functional autistic hobby writer whose first language isn't English, but I hope my gibberish is legible anyway! Usually I just string words together in the hopes that any of it makes sense.

I'm a huge fan of obscure, bizarre and strange things. The X-files and Twin Peaks are favorite shows of mine, and I'll likely enjoy any cheesy 80's hollywood horror flick you can throw at me! But I've also watched my fair share of random animes. All of these things are topics and tropes I definitely would enjoy roleplaying with.

║ Dogs ║ Coffee ║ Cheesy horror movies/games ║ Snow ║ Rain ║
║ Autumn ║ Reading ║ Coffee ║ Studio Ghibli animations ║
║ Drawing ║ Knitted scarves and jumpers ║ Give me all the plants!! ║
║ Tangerines and oranges ║ Hiking ║ Greek and Norse mythology ║

║ Hot weather ║ French Fries ║ Fizzy drinks ║ Meat ║
║ Wearing socks ║ Drama ║ Gossip ║

Regarding my art...

Space Börk by Mori. It will suck you into a black hole and nibble your atoms if you steal my art.
Any digital drawings I upload for either of my characters is exclusively made by myself, for myself, unless otherwise stated. My username on RPR used to be "Spook" and "Cinders" before then, so if you see any art floating around with either of those name attached to it, I've made it!

I have a Deviant art as well, though I only upload stuff occasionally.

Clicky clicky

As far as my roleplaying goes...

I prefer either people to respond to my roleplay advertisements or for me to approach others, but please message me anyway if the urge strikes you! I love OOC banter and smalltalk.

I only roleplay here on RPR. Not on skype, via mail, possibly on Discord but nowhere else. Third-person view, past tense. OOC and IC you have to be +18 for me to even consider starting a roleplay with you since I've been an adult for roughly 9 years.

My writing
As for my characters; I have more anons than public ones, so if neither of the visible ones interest you, I still might have something that cater to your interests. I usually tailor new characters for separate plots and universes.

I always enjoy;

Supernatural themes
Historical settings
Romance (but only if it happens naturally!)
Erotica (Vanilla or otherwise)

But I can also be convinced to work with fantasy and/or sci-fi settings if the plot, character and setting speaks to me.

A couple of obscure fandoms I'm always willing to dabble in is the X files (Dibs on Scully!), Oban Star Racers and Natsume Yuujinchou!

OOC business
I'm actually a really shy and anxious person even though I come off as easy-going and high-spirited most of the time. I sometimes I struggle with my self-worth and the way I keep doubting myself and my own writing. I do admit to having flaked on people in the past, but that is 100% because I hate letting people down or confronting them. I have no intent of causing harm, and knowing how painful it is to be left hanging I try really hard to let people know. It's all I really ask of others, too.

If you've messaged me IC or OOC and I don't respond for no given reason

Then do poke me! You're never bothering me (unless you harass me for replies, then I won't hesitate to smash the block-button). I never ignore or leave people hanging intentionally.

Rave Reviews

Spook is one of my favorite people on RPR. She's kind and funny and an excellent artist to boot! While we haven't yet been able to play together, her ideas and characters are all gorgeous and interesting and well thought out. It's always a treat to see her in the official chat, she's great to talk to and throw ideas at. - Gat
So I haven't been rping with Cinders for long, but can I say each and every post she makes is amazing and well worth any wait. She has characters down to every little quirk and detail and she is an excellent writer. In short, she is awesome, rp with her right now, like, you would be missing out if you do not rp with her. - XXXKILLZONEUS

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