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Hey there! Been RPing since 2001, so by now I have a fair deal of experience under my belt. I play canons and OCs, and tend to favour playing males. I am not picky on RP locations, but my favourite is RP through Discord. Furcadia possible if anyone still uses it. I vary widely in wordcount nowadays, and though often I come close to the default Discord character limit, I prefer shorter posts in action-heavy or fast-paced group scenes.

I'm currently craving Fallout: New Vegas RP. Going to add my FNV character here.

If there's anyone in the world who does Discworld RP, I'm tentatively interested... I'm big into Discworld nowadays.

I do Harry Potter RP (**** Terfs) in a unique way: I treat the Wizarding World as the horrifying dystopia it's revealed to be with any scrutiny over its concepts. Turns out it's much more fun that way.

I'm a huge fan of musicals and have always wanted to do a massive 19th century musical crossover (Les Mis, Phantom, Jekyll and Hyde, Oliver!, etc -- though NOT Face To Face because as much as I love the subject matter, RL RP squicks me.)

I am willing to RP in many fictional canon settings that I may not have specific characters set up for. I do love playing canons, but not always, so here's a list:

Redwall (Could play canon or OC)
Animorphs (Would prefer to play a canon; OC possible.)
Dragonlands (Would prefer to play OC... all the canons are Primes anyway.)
Harry Potter (Would prefer to play OC)
Goblins (Is this a thing? Would prefer to play OC.)
Elder Scrolls (Would prefer to play OC)
Lord of the Rings (Will play OC or canon. Don't think this is a thing anymore though.)

As for non-canon settings, most of them are fine with me. Note, however, that in general, I really dislike smut and indeed am sick of most romance. Additionally, when it comes to medieval fantasy, I do prefer low fantasy without a ton of magic, where mundanes are most of the population and magic is rare.

Patch artist for Furcadia when asked nicely and paid. Occasional character artist; I prefer drawing furres, though I'm competent at humans.

Very message-friendly. On Discord, I am Bialis.

Rave Reviews

Excellent to Role Play with. Open minded and fabulously dark, I *squee* every time I get a reply. Role Play with Bealocwealm, you won't regret it! - Strangedisease
A strange yet interesting person to talk with, let alone the capacity of the brain. If you haven't gotten a chance, you should really be inspire to try and conspire with the Bealocwealm! - TheCoffeeWolf

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