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My name is James, I'm a writer, actor, and musician from Liverpool, England. I'm an avid Beatles fan, but I also like other 60's bands like Pink Floyd, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and Herman's Hermits. As for my Roleplay tastes, I'm a major fan of all things supernatural, but I also enjoy mythology. My most used character on any roleplay is a vampire version of myself with a mostly fictional backstory. Anyway, stop reading this so we can get to Role Playing!

Rave Reviews

I've known James for several years now and he's an all around fantastic guy with great enthusiasm for his characters and rps. He can take a rather boring canon character like Dr. Hopper and make him seem more interesting to the audience. Alternatively James' Oc are works of art as well ”“ J and Christa are my faves. If you have a chance to play with him I highly recommend it. - Pineapple
Great creative genius in creating this character. I love description history pictures and nicknames. Great originality. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - LakotaSiouxWarrior

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