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I am addicted to browsing profiles- I just love seeing peoples creativity. If I like one a lot I usually send a message, just to be friendly and spread some joy around.

So, to the RP-

I like detailed posts and freeform RP.

Fantasy is my main passion but I do enjoy some Slice of Life. Recently taking brave steps into Modern and Future settings.

All my characters are flexible with setting. They are concepts and not tied to a genre.

I am a big OOC communicator. If you don't like this then I am probably not the RPer for you. I personally think OOC communication is key in long-term RP and building the best story we can.

I am on UK time so that is a factor into when I can reply. This also goes for my spelling. There will be extra U's and a lack of Zs. You want to RP with me then be aware I use UK English.

One last note, I work full time in a high-stress job. If I go quiet for a few days it's usually because I am buried under a pile of paperwork.

Discord or PMs prefered.

Am too shy for forum RP

Never RP instaromance or pure smut

Rave Reviews

Though life stops us from being able to respond as much as I would like. She is definitely worth the wait. She knows how to express her character/s perfectly and is not afraid to add to the story herself, making scenario's fare more fulfilling and interesting to read and play out. - Dragon_Slayer
Beetroot has been a joy to RP with from the first post. Not only is she excellent with OOC communication, but each one of her posts has a perfect balance of description, characterization, and action. I have not once struggled to come up with a reply, as she always offers plenty to respond to!

Our first RP flowed beautifully and I am thrilled to continue writing with her! - Sammy-Harlan

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