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  • Gender: Gender Fluid
  • Age: 31
  • Birthday: October 17

Mother of 2
I enjoy anime,roleplay gaming and chilling with my kiddos.

I have more charries than are listed apon my profile, and my styles of roleplay include- fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, romance,smut ect.

Iam very outgoing and friendly, tend to be the voice of wisdom or advisor to mostly all my friends. XD

if for some reason i fall silent or seem less interested in coversation somethings wrong-

I love roleplays of allmost any kind aside from the more guresome deals like tourter rape ect. Also i enjoy keeping the plots going so as not to get bored or drag on^^ i also use alot of wolflike mannerisums in real life as well as rp as iam wolfkin.
Please feel free to ask me anything else!!

1. IF you are under 18 irl id perfer to be notified before i determine if i will roleplay with you.

2. Literate seasoned roleplayers only please:)

3. NO vore, scat, child abuse of any kind, rape ect i dont and will not roleplay any of these senerios.

4. YES- fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, smut-Smut i will only do with those whom are 18+ in real life. Romance. Also shows or cannons i will roleplay- Shows- supergirl, the 100, supernatural, arrow, once apon a time, merlin, south of nowhere, lexx, sliders. Movies- Starwars, the craft, any of the crow movies, batman, suicide squad. Books- Warrior cats, or any of the warrior series, the promise of wolves series, ANY V.C andrews as long as ive read it(chances are i have). Any of these i can and or will make or adapt a charrie for.

5. 2-5 sentences perferred no one liners^^

6. Though i donot mind coming up with the plot, please donot ask me to roleplay and also expect me to come up with all the ideas, i much perfer building a story together with my partner(s).

I WILL at any given time recluse from roleplay for an undetermined amount of time it is just how iam, and it cannot be helped.

ALSO if i dont respond right away or within a few hours it is due to the fact that iam a 31 year old mother of two small childern and have a house to run and kids to care for, if patience cannot be granted then iam not the roleplay partner for you.

My timezone is: EST and my current times i will be online are-7am-3pm whit speractic breaks inbetween for life reasons and then 8pm- about 1am so sleep can happen before my 7am day resumes^^

PLEASE- join me on discord :) for roleplay and chat^^

Rave Reviews

  • Beldesia is such an amazing role player and friend of mine. If you put in effort into the role plays, she will put effort as well. She is also real creative in settings she is familiar with so we clicked pretty easily. She is detailed as well so you can immerse yourself easily!
    -- mericosine

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